Google Wants Established YouTubers to Make VR Video With Jump 360 Rig

Google Wants Established YouTubers to Make VR Video With Jump 360 Rig

Google is delivering a dedicated VR YouTube app in their newly announced Daydream platform. Along with it, the company is making sure to give users a few reasons to jump head first into the app when it launches by encouraging more established YouTubers to get into 360 video.

Google maintains that the new YouTube VR app will be “built for comfort and longer sessions,” including a host of normal functions such as search, discovery, and playlists to keep users watching just like on monitors and smartphones.

All YouTube content will be available through the VR app itself, including monoscopic and 3D 360 videos, regular 3D video, and all the regular 2D content currently on the video sharing platform—made accessible through a yet unrevealed ‘virtual cinema’.

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To spark the creation of more 360 content, Google is today launching a special Jump program in the YouTube Spaces in Los Angles and New York City that will put Jump camera rigs like the GoPro Odyssey into the hands of content makers. The program will be heading to other YouTube Spaces soon.

YouTubers with more than 10,000 subscribers can access production resources for free through the company’s many worldwide Spaces.

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