Google’s New ‘Play Store’ Design is More Video Friendly Than Ever

Google’s New ‘Play Store’ Design is More Video Friendly Than Ever

In the past few weeks, Google has been rolling out the new version of the Play Store to its Android users. It promised us a consistent new design with their new Material Design philosophy, and we’ve seen updates to many design features in Googles Docs, Sheets, Slides and more.

As for Google Play, the buttons are bigger, the stats (ratings, recommendations and more) are much more visually appealing, there are new badges, and the “Cover” area has been given a style overhaul. The ‘Cover’ is a very important feature as its the first thing the viewer sees, it’s an introduction to the software, and to the brand behind it.

Google Play Store: More Video Friendly Than Ever

One of the main differences between the Google Play store and the Apple App store is that Google allows the use of video. This is so important for developers, as they can quickly show the potential buyer the top features of the app they are viewing. It’s also a good opportunity to show people how to use your app so they feel like experts before they’ve even installed it.

The new Google Play store design puts video right to the front. And it’s horizontal so video content is the perfect fit. Here’s the Google Play Cover as we remember it froml not too long ago:

In the previous version, users had to swipe through the screenshots, which was a barrier to conversion when it came to hitting the play button on a video.

With the new, beautiful Play Store (as seen below) the video is in the cover while the screenshots are below the default area, so you can’t actually see them before you scroll down.

At, we get a lot of different type of businesses asking for videos, many of them are startups and a big chunk of them are mobile apps. it’s amazing to see what a positive effect a video has on the conversion of the the visitors of the app page on the store.

For instance, Vodio, a cool video discovery app, made two different videos and released them at the same time. They used one of them on their Google Play page. The video that was listed on Google Play reached 161k views while the other one reached 4k only. I really a believe it’s only a matter of time before Apple’s App Store will decide to support video.

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