GoPix lets you share your favorite moments as a video slideshow set to music

GoPix lets you share your favorite moments as a video slideshow set to music

What if you want to share an experience — random moments of your day, perhaps — and the usual still image, collage or video isn’t meeting up with your mood?

Consider GoPix, a quick, easy, free slideshow creator that lets you mix up to nine still photos into a compact 15-second image sequence set to music.

As a montage editing tool, GoPix lets you enhance and quickly share a small selection of favorite images. You choose from a set of free filters, effects and themes and default music and with these visual elements, you can build a small creative work and share it quickly over social media with friends and the GoPix community.

You don’t have to settle for GoPix’s royalty-free selection of dynamic or soothing recommended tunes — you can also delve into your own iTunes collection for the right song. However, if any of your music is copyright protected, the app will not be able to use it.

Some of the templates have animated text, but most just give you some very pleasing themes and slide animations to add interest to the scene. GoPix is one of several slideshow apps available, including Storyline and FotoFlash, and each takes a different approach.

With GoPix, you can test out every choice before making a commitment. A number of themes are also available as in-app purchases for $.99 cents each.

When you’re done, a 15-second video is ready for sharing with Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Twitter.

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