Guide to Upload Video to Twitter from Desktop

Guide to Upload Video to Twitter from Desktop

Video is the great way to reach the millions of audience across the globe, this is realized many social platforms at right time and they getting on with the video features included on their platform. Platforms like Facebook have already included the videos on its platform and also competition the video giant Youtube platform. Twitter, the most noisy micro blogging platform also reached on to the same line just like other platforms. But, including the video on its platform make the Twitter to the next top place in its success. Today, many business marketers are approaching the Twitter for marketing with videos, people are engaging even better on Twitter due to videos. Even the live video streaming app Periscope and Meerkat connection with Twitter raised its value high.

Videos on Twitter

Twitter is the best and easiest destination to share your video content without any need of copying the links. The videos can be shared within minutes with one click from the various mobile devices like ipad and many other smart phones by imply logging into the account. The videos can also iploaded from your desktop also.

Video Supportive Elements

MP4 and MOV formats are the compatible formats for smart devices and MP4 from desktop. The videos can be edited to the thirty seconds are less than that length on the Twitter platform.

Uploading the Video from your Desktop:-

  • Shoot your video using the web cam or with the smart phone by connecting with the desktop PC.
  • You can directly upload by clicking the record button on live or you can choose the recorded file from your desktop PC to upload
  • You can edit the video before Tweeting and also have the chance to change the order of the video clippings you want to upload.
  • After recording the video you can jut tap on to the done button.
  • You can also Tweet with a message.

If you are Importing to Upload from Desktop

  • Click on Tweet button and click on Add media option
  • Choose the file from computer and check the size that must be below 510 MB
  • Trim the length in edit window and the length must be max 30 seconds
  • Click done and Tweet the video.

Example Video Embeded from Twitter

"Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser"

subscreve ✅

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