Hang w/ Live-stream Mobile Video the Next Big One

Hang w/ Live-stream Mobile Video the Next Big One

Hang w/ is the new app which allows the mobile broadcasting had reached with one million users recently. Live streaming becomes the latest trend on the web today. Many people were turning towards the live streaming applications. The Hang w/ app allows the various users to stream their videos and broadcast from the mobile by using this application. The app provides the hangout along with the live streaming option for its users. This application was expected to become the next big thing in the m bile video broadcasting.

Features of the Application

The users can also make some money with the digital tickets which can be accede from the iTunes and the Google play store. It also allows the celebrities and all the users to live stream their shows in real time. The app also provides a best hangout with the celebrities and many other popular people open the platform which made this application most interesting to the users. The app was described as a video Twitter platform which made them to get succeed.

Currently the app allows the users to get connected with the live and real time video streaming. The users were also allowed to follow the other broadcasts in real time at high quality. Users can also comment on the broadcasts and other followers too. One of the best feature on this app is the users are allowed to send messages to the Twitter and Facebook platform during the live.


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