Has the Power of Video Marketing Eclipsed Text?

June 11, 2013 Posted by

June 11Video appeals to learners who are better suited to absorb information visually. Some people can stare at text, reread it time after time, but have no retention simply because the medium isn’t best suited for their learning style. (Let’s hope they’re not readers of this blog!) Global marketing services must now take into account that the majority of the population has grown up spending more time with their eyes on a screen than a page. In a recent survey 60% of people said they prefer watching video over reading text. (Bubobox) There is magnetism to video that keeps an audience’s attention longer, and that buzz that is hard to manufacture through text alone.

Global marketing operations know that video content increases the stickiness of websites. On average, visitors remain on sites with video for 350 seconds compared to 42 seconds for sites with solely text. (Bubobox) The hook of video means lower bounce rates because video engages audiences more immediately and effectively than text. People also have better information retention when watching videos as opposed to reading text. Video viewers retain 50% of the information, while readers only remember 22% of a text’s. (Bubobox)

Video Marketing Globally

In the digital age there is a correlation between quality video content and conversions. A recent study found that 52% of consumers said that watching product videos made them more confident in their online purchase decisions. (Internet Retailer) The biggest advantage brick and mortar stores have over ecommerce sites is that consumers can have a tactile relationship with the product and although that is still impossible online, product videos are tools that bridge the gap more so than just images alone.

The most universal benefit of global video marketing is that it’s an effective way to build and deliver your brand’s message. A dense two minute video fits into our digital age culture that always feels constrained by time. Video content can be produced cost effectively and have a high value of return globally after the video localization process, outlined in the video below.



Rapid Video Translation from Lionbridge is specifically designed by marketers who know how to recalibrate video content to most effectively resonate with a target audience.




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