Here Are The Most Memorable YouTube Moments In Recent Politics

Here Are The Most Memorable YouTube Moments In Recent Politics

Though the Internet has changed politics irrevocably, it’s easy to take for granted. First there was Barack Obama’s social media-powered rise in 2008. Now, we’re watching heretofore impossible milestones: From Bernie Sanders’s unlikely rise, fueled by a flood of online contributions to uh, however you might explain the whole Donald Trump thing.

One of the factors that has helped fuel this retooling of politics is YouTube. Since its launch in 2005, the online video giant has helped reshape how we consume media, including news. Not to mention the ease with which anyone can now broadcast, another fact that’s easy to take for granted here in 2016.

Last year, Americans spent a collective total of 6,500 years watching YouTube videos about the 2016 presidential candidates. The most-watched candidates on YouTube last year were Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Ben Carson, in that order. In the first two months of 2016, those numbers shifted a little: Sanders overtook Clinton in YouTube watch time and Ted Cruz became the fourth most-watched candidate. Trump, unsurprisingly, is still the most-viewed candidate on the site.

YouTube has been a part of the U.S. election cycle almost as long as the site has existed. Remember George Allen’s “Macaca” gaffe? That was a decade ago, believe it or not.

As U.S. voters recover (or rejoice) from the results of Super Tuesday, let’s distract ourselves with a look at the most memorable moments in YouTube political history.

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