Here’s 4K Cinematic Footage Shot with the iPhone 8 Plus

Here’s 4K Cinematic Footage Shot with the iPhone 8 Plus

Cinematographer Matteo Bertoli got his hands on an iPhone 8 Plus and took it out and about in Los Angeles to test its video capabilities. The 4K cinematic footage in the 2.5-minute video above was shot entirely on the smartphone.

“Apple said they improved the sensor and that is true,” Bertoli says. “I was super impressed by the colors this iPhone is able to pull out.

“Dynamic range is also very impressive and finally the second camera was improved at a point where you can actually use it for video.”

One notable downside to the iPhone 8 Plus compared to the iPhone X is the fact that while the X has dual optical image stabilization for both camera modules, the 8 Plus only stabilizes the wide-angle camera.

“Everything was shot at 4K 24p, 48p, and 60p,” Bertoli says. A Rhino slider was used for some shots, but everything else was handheld. He used Filmic Pro — which currently has some issues with iOS 11 — and edited/graded the footage in DaVinci Resolve 14.

If you’d like to compare this footage to the iPhone 7 Plus, here’s the video Bertoli made using that camera last year.

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