How Millennials Interact With Online Video (Infographic)

How Millennials Interact With Online Video (Infographic)

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The video market has become a vastly different landscape in the past couple of years. With the wide availability of video and the voracious appetite of social audiences, understanding what audiences want has never been more important. An infographic from BuzzMyVideos examines the video habits of millennials.

Of the 500 U.K. millennials surveyed, 73 percent reported watching more than two hours of video per week, and of those, 51 percent watch more than six hours per week. Within certain verticals, audiences are even more voracious: the 11 percent of respondents who preferred video game content watched more than 31 hours per week.

Ad blocking is also a concern, and more than one-half of survey participants said they always have their blockers turned on. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t see advertising content. 44 percent said they enjoyed watching well-made promotional videos. And this kind of video, particularly review content, has a large impact on purchase decisions. In fact, 85 percent reported that they are more likely to buy a product after watching a positive online video review from a trusted source like an influencer.

Check out the BuzzMyVideos infographic below for more insights.

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