How one YouTube channel can inspire and motivate you right now

How one YouTube channel can inspire and motivate you right now

Cutting through the no use

One of the greatest parts about the advances in technology is that there are so many ways to become inspired nowadays. With videos, articles, and photos galore, the Internet is a great place for inspiration and brain stimulation.

However it is easy to become over-stimulated with so much offered to us online. Especially on a site such as YouTube where there are so many videos and we often have so little time. The best part about YouTube is that you can subscribe to certain channels that may appeal to your interests. A great up-and-coming channel worth subscribing to is called The School of Life.The School of Life YouTube channel has videos dating back to 2012 that offer “How To” videos on different planes of life. The channel began with live-action talks and now offers animated videos that average around two to ten minutes.

The education system does not prepare people for “life”

Their introductory animated video explains their purpose by stating that the education process does not prepare people for “life” situations such as love or which career path to take. Their videos come into play with these ideas as they give you something to think about.

Examining the financial systems

The School of Life channel is beneficial for stimulating ideas in the business realm. There are a few videos dealing with finance, for example “How to Improve Capitalism” and “Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Are Rich,” these types of videos would apply to international business.

Dealing with workplace conflicts

They also offer videos that can help deal with workplace conflict, such as “How To Handle Sulkers”, “The Dangers of Being Too Defensive”, and “How To Defuse An Argument”.

The overall idea of The School of Life is personal improvement and many of their videos can help you to become a better person to work with.

Improve yourself, it’s okay

Videos entitled “Procrastination”, “Be Kind”, and “Misemployment” all offer ideas of how to improve oneself. The channel uploads a new video every week and are either about the aforementioned personal improvement, business improvement, and also deal with relationships and history.

These videos are a condensed and are a simple way to receive daily motivation and inspiration. Cue up a School of Life Video during your lunch break and see how it changes your perception.

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