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People who are watching your video are naturally engaged in the content you  are providing for them. When you add a call to action to video, you can immediately leverage  that enthusiasm for sales. However, there are those who are interested in  creating an ongoing relationship between the viewer and your company. By adding  social media links to  video and encouraging viewers to subscribe to your social media channels, you  can create a relationship with your customers via the content you produce. We at  Viewbix have recently released a new app that allows you to connect your social  media accounts to video by embedding the links into our app.

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Why to add social media links to video

1.Target More Users in Facebook

By creating a sponsored story, you can target friends of people who have either “liked” or taken some  sort of action on your page. When people see an ad from a company that a friend  of theirs has already “liked” it lends social credence to your ad and people are  more likely to click on it. Furthermore, many times groups of friends have like  minded interests (even if they haven’t liked a certain page on Facebook that  would indicate so) and therefore targeting friends of people who have liked your  page can be effective. Therefore, by getting more likes from relevant  people (as opposed to buying “likes” which are useless) you can expand  your advertising base and increase your ROI.

2. Create a Social Media Relationship

When you provide interesting content for your social following, they are no  longer see you as just a vendor who provides services. Rather, you now have a  virtual relationship which means that customers are less likely to switch from  you to a competitor. Providing interesting content just a customer also  increases your credibility and makes you seem like an expert in your field,  meaning people will feel more comfortable working with you. Finally, people  share content that is interesting bu they can only share it if they have seen  it.

How to add social media to Video

We at Viewbix have released a new app that easily allows you to add your  social media links to video, The app currently supports connecting your video to  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  Google+ , LinkedIn, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and YouTube. Once these links are added  in the back end of the app, a viewer can view and join your network by clicking  on the social media links app. Another way to push your networks is to set this  app as a post roll, allowing all people who watch your video through to see what  you and your company are doing on social.

Do you like the new social media links app? Let us know!

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