How To Benefit From More Views On Your YouTube Videos

It may seem like an oxymoron to say that having more views actually creates more traffic on your YouTube videos.  The fact is the more views your videos have, the more credibility they claim.  If everyone else is watching, why shouldn’t you?  This is human nature.  You can go out into a crowd of people and simply yell, “look at that” and point and the majority of people look where you’re pointing.

The same exact concept is true with YouTube except on a much larger scale.  Your views can be equated to the person shouting and pointing “look at this great video”.  If so many others have watched it then it must be worth watching.

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So how can you get more views and what are the benefits of these tactics?

  • Video Description – Many people do not want to get caught up having to write a paragraph on what the video contains.  If you want to know what it’s about, you can watch it, right?  This is a mistake that many make.  Take the time to write a good description of your video and use the keywords that are used in your title and when naming the video.  Make this paragraph exciting so that people want to watch more than once.  This also boosts your views.
  • Share on Social Media Sites – You also want to share your video on every social media site that you belong to.  Encourage your friends to also share your video with their friends.  You also need to pay attention and interact with the comments section.  Every time someone comments, they have to open that page and thus, the video is considered viewed again.  If you engage your viewers and make it fun or even controversial, they do return and continue the conversation.  You may also find that they are subscribers and are watching for new videos.
  • Purchasing Views – Most people who have a YouTube account do not understand that they can buy more views.  Anyone who wants to promote a certain video can purchase views that offer it more credibility.  Depending on how much you want to spend, you can purchase as few as five thousand or as many as two million views.  The more you buy, the less each individual view costs.

Getting views is not as difficult as you may think if you know how to take advantage of the tools offered to you.  If you want your video to gain viewers then you need others to view it too.  You can buy more views, create a catchy description for the video and share it on your social media sites to get the traffic the video needs to go viral.

Do you have any additional tips on getting more views to your YouTube videos?

Steven Hollander is a video buff who loves to share his knowledge of YouTube with others. He gives tips on how to make great videos that get more views.

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