How to boost your online leads

If you are a business owner then you will know how important it is to enable potential customers to find your services online. A huge percentage of people now choose to shop online or look for services online, whether it is for a plumber, to buy a car or even to get advice. If your business isn’t online, it doesn’t exist to this huge population of consumers.

Clearly, you can’t afford to miss out on the potential of online lead generation so you need to not only have a business website, you also need to have a business website that is set up in the right way to convert visitors into customers. How you do that is a bit more complicated. To start with, they need to be able to find your services, so you need to have a way of getting high up the search engine rankings, or you need to invest in PPC to get traffic to your website. Effective marketing campaigns such as email marketing with strong call to actions can also drive traffic to your website.

If you’re doing all of these things, then you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve got everything set up right. You’re getting high volumes of website traffic, perfect! However, as you wait for the phone to ring or for your email box to be filled with enquiries, nothing is coming through. Now you need to think about what is missing and the chances are that your website content isn’t positioned effectively to compel visitors to contact you.

Use this infographic – thanks to James Wilson to check through your website layout and adapt your positioning to start turning those visitors into customers. From where to position your call to action, to what content to place in the footer, using this infographic will give you a huge boost in lead generation.

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