How to Get More Views on YouTube

How to Get More Views on YouTube

As if creating video wasn’t hard enough, you also need to figure out how to get people to watch your video; which is an art form all on its own. Part of doing this is to make your video is discoverable. The first step to creating videos that get views is creating content people are looking for. The easiest way to do this is to create content that answers people’s questions. This type of video is the easiest to build a YouTube audience around.

Do this by first asking yourself, “What are the questions that keep my target viewer up at night?” Ask your followers on social media what questions they have. Once you put together their questions and your list of your audience’s needs, it is important to do some research about those topics to see if they really are something that people are searching for. Research is important. Just because you think people want to learn about something, doesn’t mean they really do. Knowing what they are searching for is important because most views on YouTube are search driven. There are many different tools for doing research. I recommend using the Google keywords tool and the YouTube search bar. The goal is to find the keywords or specific phrases that people are looking for.

Now that you have a video that people are looking for, here are 7 things you can do to get more views for your YouTube videos:

  1. Title, Description, and Tags

    These things should include the keyword or phrase that you found during your research.  Make sure the keyword is in the title or, better yet, is the title.  Also, make sure your keywords are in the first few lines of your description, ideally in the first line.  Make sure it is in the tags of your video, too.  We recommend using about 15 tags.

  2. Thumbnail

    Most videos are found through the suggested videos.  This means people are scrolling around YouTube looking for something to watch.  Make sure that your thumbnail captures their attention and draws them in to watch your video.  To make your thumbnail more clickable, use real people in the thumbnail.  People are important to have in your thumbnail picture because we connect best with people.  Make sure they can see the eyes of the person in the thumbnail picture.  Your thumbnail also needs to represent the content that your video is about.  Use color in your thumbnail and make sure the thumbnails have some design consistency.

  3. Transcription

    You can transcribe the video yourself or you can hire a company, to do it for you.  You can also have YouTube auto generate the transcription.  If you use the YouTube auto-generate option, make sure to review it to make sure it is close to what is actually being said.  I have seen it mess things up in a big way.  Google will use your transcription to help determine what your video is about.

  4. Schedule

    It is important to upload your videos on a schedule so people will know when to come back for a new video.  This could be every day, week, or month.  If you really want to build an audience, you will need to upload a video a few times a week.   YouTube gives preference to those channels that upload with the most frequency.

  5. Strong Call To Action

    Every video you create should invite people to do something.  You really should not have any more than 2 calls to action.  Any more than 2 and it will be very likely that they won’t do any of them because you are giving them too many options.

  6. Ads

    Social media has become ‘pay to play’.  Not every video you create will be right for an ad but consider promoting your best content to help build your audience.  It would be a good idea to make sure these videos have a stronger call to action.

  7. Make good videos

    This should go without saying, but content that’s valuable is very important because it doesn’t mean a thing if you get them to watch your video and they only see the first 5 seconds due to poor content. You don’t need to have a super professional video but what you say needs to be valuable and it needs to be watchable. It also needs to be easy to listen to. Using your smartphone on a tripod and wearing a lav mic will go a long way to making a video people can watch.

Are your videos set up for success with YouTube?  Make sure to download my free YouTube checklist to get more views for your videos on YouTube.

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