How to Get Shoppers to Watch Your Product Video

How to Get Shoppers to Watch Your Product Video

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Sure – but not if you’re looking to boost ROI.

Think about it: A high-quality product video is no better than a bad one if nobody watches either. A video can only make a difference if a shopper actually hits play, which means a high view rate (or the percentage of page visitors who watch your video) is imperative.

Here’s how to optimize your product page:

Emphasize your call-to-action (CTA).

A CTA is especially important for a product video. You can’t expect shoppers to flip through every thumbnail and simply stumble upon a video… it needs to be obvious! Use relevant, simple text or buttons to emphasize a product video.

If you opt for text, use direct and actionable verbs – like “Play” or “Watch” – or stick with “Video.” Too many words can look sloppy and cluttered, so keep your text as short as possible. The same goes for buttons. Consumers know what a generic ‘Play’ button looks like, so there’s no need to get fancy.

You can also embed the CTA directly onto the hero image, or the main (and largest) image featured on a product page. The Vera Bradley Large Duffel Travel Bag is a great example, as it features the play button in the top left corner.

Don’t hide your content!

Believe it or not, the small, still images that preview your visual content are more important than you think – especially when a product video is featured. A thumbnail is the very first exposure a shopper will have to your product video, so if it’s sub-par, he or she probably won’t hit play.

Tiny thumbnails won’t get you very far if you want to grab shoppers’ attention, so make sure each thumbnail is big enough (but not too big). For example, check out any product page on Shopbop. Each thumbnail is sized appropriately, which makes it easy to navigate the image gallery.

Keep product information above the fold.

Place your thumbnails above the fold, so shoppers don’t have to scroll to find your content. Need an example? Check out any product page on Bonobos.

Choose a consistent and aesthetically-pleasing style.

Visibility is only half the battle… you need to make shoppers want to watch your video! Bright and contrasting colors may help images stand out, but it’s best to use a relevant and consistent color scheme on a product page. Need some inspiration? Check out any example above!

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