How to get the best video from your event

How to get the best video from your event

You spend a lot of time putting together great events to market your business. And when it goes well, you want the world to know about it. Whether it’s a product launch, or an in-store promotion, a great event video can show your followers what it was really like to feel the energy and excitement – but what type of video should you produce? And how can you maximise the amount of publicity you receive?

Here is our best advice to help you get the most from your event video.


You would assume there’s not a whole lot of video you can create before the actual event, but you’d be wrong. Sometimes setting your video in the buildup to an event can be the very thing that sets your content apart from everyone else’s.

A fantastic example of this kind of video comes from Sony. In the run-up to their Playstation 4 launch at OXO Tower in London, they commissioned a video to promote the event.

It’s short, at just over 3 minutes long, but they also prepared a 60 second version for social media. The video ended up becoming extremely popular on social media and helped publicise the launch even more than the event itself.

The film is quite simple, showing the buildup to the event. The reason for the success of the film is because of its high production value and storytelling content. The film is not bland or corporate, it looks to create some drama and tension around the event. The video is shot professionally, giving it the glossy look that audiences demand nowadays. There are no motion graphics that cheapen the video or try to cram information.

This is the kind of video you will find most successfully markets your business from before the event.

If you wanted to do something slightly different however, give the audience information they value, not just statistics. Perhaps a video of your top tips for networking at an event, or how to get the best out of an expo.


Most commonly, event video is footage of the event itself. Now, obviously the kind of video you want will be entirely depending on the type of event. One example of an event people wouldn’t usually associate with getting great video from is product launches or networking events. These can be fantastic opportunities to create video for your social media that can both advertise your brand and create or change the perception of your companies values. The whiskey brand Jameson was reinventing itself recently as more of a ‘party drink’ than an exclusive, high-end whiskey. They held a party on a beach, inviting people to try the drink, and created a film from the event.

The product doesn’t necessarily matter, it could be a simple networking drinks, but find a way to make the event say something about your brand, and create a film to go with it.

For more traditional events, instead of creating hour-long videos of the entire presentation, try breaking it up into more engaging, smaller videos with topics that will entice audiences. Pose a question or suggest an answer. See the below example, which is one of a series of videos created for NIDO, the student housing association. This particular series was about starting businesses and seeking funding, a subject that would excite business or central-London students, but isn’t specifically about student housing.

The setting for videos like this is crucial, having an interesting backdrop, investing a little money in some lighting and props will encourage viewers to keep watching.


There are no rules that say you have to set the video around the time of an event.

An interesting way of keeping the momentum of an important event going, is to create video to follow it up. Perhaps speak to customers that attended the event, collect some video testimonials and create videos based on new business you acquired from the event.

This could also prove useful for bringing in customers for the next event.

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