How To Get Your Video On Google’s First Page

How To Get Your Video On Google’s First Page

Yet a video uploaded even on YouTube alone is nothing without search engine optimisation (SEO). Search engines won’t find you simply because you have uploaded a video or any other content. There is a wide variety of highly imperative and necessary behind-the-scenes activity to make sure search engines actually discover, comprehend and correctly index your video and other content. Despite the key nature of adopting a proper SEO strategy, many have simply forgotten and their content has failed to attract any meaningful viewers, quantity and quality wise. Considering the fact that YouTube is not a platform to place written text and blogs, SEO needs a different approach to be successful. Understanding the importance of text is key, as this provides the grounds to optimise video content for search engines.

Rule #2: The art of good titles and tags
Text-based variables are the primary index used in search engine rankings. It is key to improvise in creating video titles, spend time doing the necessary research, use correct keywords to tag your video to and end your masterpiece by adding a description viewers can find compelling. Google is fond of reading and comprehending your videos’ associated text, as video content cannot be traditionally “read.” Failing to tag your video on YouTube will render only a failed video ranking. In the SEO world, there are suggestions out there describing tags as more important than the video itself.

Rule #3: Creative captions
Continuing on the thought that Google cannot “read” any video content, it is worth saying that this is only partially true. If your video contains any kind of dialogue, any, it is a must to equip it with a closed caption file. This is for those who are truly serious about having their videos ranked top in Google and other search engine results. It is worth knowing that search engines are able to and actually index the closed caption files we embed and upload with our video on YouTube. Video equipped with captioning are ranked much higher as they engage and make contact with a much larger audience, including those of different languages and the hearing impaired.

Viewers watching your videos to the very end is the fruit of your efforts in abiding by the first three rules. Relevant content; a proper title, good tagging, an informative video description; and taking advantage of captioning. You also enjoy the option of including video annotations and calls encouraging viewers to remain on YouTube. This includes linking your current video to another that is part of your previously posted series.

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