How To Know If Vlogging on YouTube Is Right for You

Watching other vloggers on YouTube is a lot of fun. You get to see how someone else you would’ve normally never met lives their life and maybe in a location you would have never visited or seen otherwise.

Even though most people think their own life is not exciting enough for other people to watch on YouTube, you never know until you have tried vlogging for yourself. If you are not sure if vlogging on YouTube is something you can do or would enjoy doing we will try to help you determine that by looking at a few different aspects.

1. You are not camera shy

The first and most important aspect of determining if vlogging is something you would like to do is determine if you are normally camera shy. When one of your friends is taking photos or recording a video during activities do you dislike that and try to stay out of the picture or do you not care about it and don’t mind being in picture?

If you are the latter, you will probably like vlogging. If you are the former, it does not mean that you can’t start vlogging. It just means that you need to conquer that fear before you can be completely comfortable in front of a camera.

2. You are not a very private person

Vlogging means sharing your activities and thoughts with the world for everyone to see. For some people that can be very scary since they are worried that they will be judged for what they think or do. If you are usually an insecure person that worries a lot about other people’s opinion it will be very hard for you to vlog since you are not 100% comfortable with sharing everything in your vlogs which can make them make boring.

3. You have thick skin

When you share your thoughts and activities with the world, a lot of people will be able to judge you for them and the commenters on youtube are not very shy when it comes to sharing their opinion on your life. So you should not only be comfortable sharing these things but when someone inevitably leaves a negative comment on your vlogs you should not be bothered by it. This is very difficult and is something even the bigger YouTubers are still struggling with but you will learn to deal with it better over time.

4. You can record and edit videos or are willing to learn

Apart from who you are you also need a few skills to produce high quality vlogs. To start vlogging you will need to pick up a vlogging camera and learn how to use that properly. Get familiar with all the different settings and learn about what makes a good vlogging camera. Because sound is 50% of your video we also recommend picking up a good microphone for youtube.

Once you have recorded all the footage you want to use for your vlogs you will then need to edit your footage to create a vlog that is fun to watch. There are a lot of different vlog editing programs you can use depending on your skill level and experience.

5. You have the time to regularly create vlogs

Filming, editing, uploading and interacting with your audience will take up a lot of your time so it’s important you don’t underestimate that. Make sure you have a schedule that allows you to dedicate a certain amount of hours each week to create new videos and respond to comments. If you are too busy the quality of your vlogs will begin to suffer and subscribers will start disliking the videos and leave negative comments which makes it harder to keep vlogging. If you don’t know what kind of videos you can create, here is a list of YouTube video ideas or do one of these youtube challenge.

6. You are dedicated to growing your youtube channel

There are a lot of vloggers on YouTube nowadays and it’s very hard to stand out from the crowd. Growing your YouTube channel will take a lot of time, dedication and perseverance. Do not expect that you will become an overnight success and have millions of subscribers after a few months. It will be very difficult but luckily there are a lot of ways to grow your YouTube channel. You can check out this guide with 71 ways to grow your youtube channel to help you with gaining more views and subscribers on YouTube.

Use these 6 tips to determine if vlogging is something you would enjoy and if it is, good luck on your YouTube journey! Have fun, interact with your viewers and do not quit!

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