How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube

YouTube Personality

Many YouTube personalities have wider audience with millions of view for their videos. Some personalities earn about 7 to 8 USD per thousand video views. If you are interested in becoming a YouTube personality and getting paid for it, then it’s a best way to begin. Share your personality, ground breaking ideas and your passion to get plenty of views and followers. In this case, your talent counts to attract the audience and get larger views.


If you possess high end skill in the particular field and you want to earn some money through it, then YouTube is a better way to share your knowledge and get paid for it. Right from cooking recipe to technology solutions everything has a wider audience. You need to create good tutorials to guide the beginners and experts as well. The better the tutorial higher the chances of getting views and followers. You can help people with music tutorials, anything to do with repairing, some drawing and sketching tutorials, some science skills and lots of other stuff. You need to look for hidden talent in yourself and give it a shot. If your tutorials are very helpful to other people, then you are on right path. It is advised to keep your videos updated and keep your eyes on comments left by viewers to make necessary improvements. If your stuff is good enough to get wider audience, then AdSense may be the last stop to get your first income and monetize your videos.

For an example: If you’re good at internet marketing, you can create a video tutorial on “how to make money on youtube” and upload it to youtube.

Partner program

The partner program of YouTube will help you earn through your videos. In this case, you partner with YouTube to monetize your videos. This is very simple and easiest method to earn income. The ads are played at the beginning of your videos. The monetization is done by partner program also includes add banners and pop-up ads. Getting paid through partner program is easy and allows you to earn your initial income, getting rich through this method may take a long while and very small portion of YouTube partner make good money. Larger viewers and audience can certainly help you get paid in good amount.

Getting Sponsors

Earning with the help of sponsors is a better way. You can sign up your own sponsors. If you have earned large number of followers and audience, then you can get sponsors for your videos, allowing them to advertize their products on your videos. The traffic and audience on your videos will be determining your potential sponsors along with their budget. But if you set everything right you’ll be able to get sponsors and get paid for showing their ads on your videos.

Merchandise Promotion

Many people try to monetize their videos and earn money through it, but videos also provide you great opportunity to promote merchandise through it. If you promote your services and merchandise to audience those who are willing to use your service and pay of it, then you can start your earnings easily. The effective promotion of services and merchandise offered by you is important so that the larger audience gets aware of these things, and higher will be the chances that they will pay for your service.

Free and Premium

This concept offered by YouTube is also a better way to earn money. The concept is based on a model where you give some of your video free to watch to viewers and audience and let them enjoy it to get more traffic but you hold back best videos and you ask for a little payment for viewing those videos. The model can be extremely successful if your content it catchy initially and can lure the audience such that they will be happy to pay for viewing the best videos offered by you. Some have opted for this model and have made pretty decent earning. This is probably the best way which tells about how to earn money on YouTube. If you want to get paid directly for your best videos then this turn out to be a better way. Give some of your content free to watch and let the audience get attracted towards it and then you can divert them to pay for your best videos. The concept is very helpful for those who have top notch content in their videos and its worth paying.

Getting traffic on your Website or Blog

The advantage of YouTube is that you can reach wide audience helping you to get larger viewers and followers. Many use videos as a tool to get necessary traffic, the promotion of videos helps to divert the audience, and you can guide them to create traffic on the particular site or a blog to earn your revenue. Mention the links to your blogs and site while writing the description of your video and this will help you gain traffic easily.

Affiliated marketing

If you have large number of view and audience, then you can sell the products of many companies through your videos for a commission. You’ll be paid for sending each client to the companies. Large companies like eBay, Amazon offer good deals for affiliated marketing to promote their products. This is probably one of the best ways about how to make money on YouTube. Create a promotional video for the affiliated marketing so that viewers can get a better idea of the product or try to create a tutorial about using that product. You can also use the affiliated links in your video description, and you’ll be paid every time a client opts for the affiliated service or product. This type of promotional marketing is common and successful on YouTube. Make sure that you have a good audience to carry out the promotion and marketing as it will be deciding your fate about how successful your marketing can be.

If you have achieved dedicated follower for your videos through your hard work, then you can explore more ways to earn money on YouTube other than AdSense. The other way is great web tool named Patreon. The tool allows your followers and viewers to donated money every time you post something new and exciting to appreciate your efforts. If you have that appreciating followers, then you can persuade them to offer 1USD or more to showcase your good work.

Product promotion

If you have your own product and good viewers, then YouTube is certainly a best way of promoting it. It may be an app, ebook, art piece and music. Anything that you have worth selling can be easily promoted through your videos to a larger audience. Add the links to buy your product in the video description. Make sure that your video tell about the product effectively and conveys its importance. Your video can be a review, tutorial or promotional one, the quality should be maintained to attract the potential customers to your product. You can also promote your ideas and try to search for funding through the promotion.

Writing Reviews

If you are an expert in your field, then you can give reviews on products, recently released technological gadgets or recent books and many other things. A Large number audience is searching for reviews on YouTube this will help you get good viewers. If your reviews are pleasing and completely detailed such that you are able to create a trust relation with viewers about reviews, then you will get additional viewers and large followers for your reviews. The larger followers and viewers will help you get good AdSense payout and will create more way to earn with the help of your audience. Many have made a good fortune with this method right from tech geeks to fashion critics and what not. If you are expert in what you do share it with the large audience and you’ll get paid for it. There are good chances that you’ll attract large number of audience if your videos are good.

Making Brand

The YouTube provides a great opportunity to everyone to showcase their talent and to become a brand. It helps you to connect wider and larger people around the world. YouTube can strengthen your talent and help you amplify it. It may be anything where you can perform better. Your Job, your hobby, skills, ideas, discoveries, and inventions all of it can help you get large attention through YouTube and can help you earn a good sum of money. Many top brands rely on YouTube for promoting their products, and you can earn by promoting their products through your videos. YouTube in not only limited to humans It has reached larger boundaries, you can make your pet a star. Even your little toddler’s cute videos can help you earn money on YouTube.

Keep Updated

The important thing is to be updated and to make new videos to always attract your audience. Not being updated may lead serious loss to your revenue, and you may lose your followers, and followers are the primary requirement of every source of income on YouTube. The YouTube wants you to come up with new ideas and better ways and engaging videos so that everyone is benefited through it. The quality of the content and reviews should be maintained so that follows aren’t disappointed.

Now, do you have an idea on “How to make money on YouTube”?

YouTube has emerged as a second largest search engine and provides a great platform to everyone to showcase their talent right from professionals to beginners. Providing a large amount of information based on the tutorial, step by step guides, Channels offering comedy series. A lot of stuff can be found on YouTube. How to make money on YouTube has a simple answer as it possesses a huge potential to help you earn income, and it depends upon the video you upload and the description you mention. Try to make good videos and keep uploading. If you do all the necessary things, correctly you’ll get paid. Keep patience and wait for it and it certainly pays off. YouTube is surely one of the best ways to earn online income with whatever you have may be useless or worth a lot of importance. Do not leave any opportunity to earn income and audience. The success can only be carried on if you have ability to deliver consistently and live up to demands of your viewers. Many people have successfully used YouTube to earn income and have earned huge amount through it and as long as YouTube exists you have a great opportunity to start earning through YouTube.

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