How to make Video More Engaging (Tips)

Author: Dane


Engaging video is everywhere. Now you have to compete with everyone else who just added a cool video to their website. The jig is up, the bar has been raised. It’s no longer enough just to have video telling your story, now you need STAND OUT video telling your story. What does that mean? To me that means engagement. The tactics can be different,  the styles and production techniques can change, but we will all have to do better to make compelling content that engages with our audiences…if we want them to watch, care and share.


For this blog post I wanted to share some perspective about a high-engagement video I recently came across for Alcatel-Lucent which I think illustrates a variety of ways that can be used to better engage audiences.  Let’s start with the video, it’s about 5 mins so sit back and enjoy! Click here to play video.

Did you watch it yet? OK, great. So, here are my thoughts about what make this video more engaging:

Tell me a story

By watching the video you understand why they are doing what they do, the story behind how & why this project started and what the big idea is behind it all.

Lots of supporting ‘b-roll’ footage
In the beginning of the video, they did a particularly good job backing up the narration with engaging supporting footage that shows what they are talking about. It could have been just a boring talking head but the footage, time-lapse and music really help pull us in. They work to compel us to stay engaged – in other words: interested, entertained and curious.

We get to know the characters in the video a bit. We see them laugh, tell anecdotes. Don’t be afraid to be your self in your video, be afraid to NOT be yourself. We the audience want to like you, help us by being authentic.

Great music and sound effects
If you missed em, watch again. Sound effects are most effective when you don’t even realize they are there. They make a big difference, check out the opening 30 seconds to the video and you’ll see (hear) what I mean.

Camera moves
They took the time needed to get many different types of camera moves. It seems like they used a ‘slider’ or a pocket dolly which is like a mini train track for the camera. This adds engaging motion to the shot increasing the drama a heck of a lot. These shots look sexy but they take the tools and time to execute on…but can be well worth it!

In a few places, they added and animated some basic, clean and appropriately on-brand graphics to make points and to aide with transition to using the titles of the logo and interviewees. A little polish goes a looooong way.


I think the biggest take-aways are that it would be both easy and dangerous to just shoot and edit a basic interview. You can do it a bit less expensively and quickly but you miss out on the engagement that a well planned, produced and execute piece can provide. By planning to add a few ‘bells and whistles’ you can have a much better chance of polishing your video to make a better impression and increase engagement to the levels where they need to be to earn a like, share or conversion.

I hope this insight has been helpful. Want to learn more about using online video for your organization?Download our free Online Video Marketing Guide: Learn How to Promote your Business with Video (Free Download)

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I’ll do my best to help answer them.

Good luck!

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