How to Setup your own Netflix, Hulu or website

How to Setup your own Netflix, Hulu or website

I think we’ve all seen it. Video is hot and it’s everywhere. Marketers are using it more and more because consumers’ appetites for video have become insatiable. You may even have your own video content and wondering if there is a market out there for it. In fact, there is.

As the demand for Video on Demand (VOD) on the consumer’s terms skyrockets, startups and companies are popping up to accommodate. While sites like Netflix, Hulu, have revolutionized the way we watch video, companies like Uscreen have made it so anyone can sell their video to the public – effectively kicking out the middleman. So, if you have video content, it’s important for you to understand what makes these video platforms so appealing and how you can setup your own to sell your video in a personal online store.

What Makes Hulu & Netflix So Special?

Hulu and Netflix were answering the consumer desire for individualized VOD content. Before cable companies determined what you could watch or not watch depending on packages you purchased. Likewise, if you had video content to sell, you had to go through a production company and have someone else produce your DVDs. Now, the barriers between consumer and content, and creators and sales are broken down. Hulu and Netlix leveraged several appealing factors to make this happen.

  • Simple & Easy User Experience – Both Netflix and Hulu have simple and extremely easy user experiences, which allows them to easily and quickly find and view the videos they want.
  • Easy to Use Mobile Apps – As video becomes the content of choice for consumers, mobile phones are increasingly the device of choice. That’s why this platforms have made it a priority to have functional, beautiful and easy-to-use mobile applications.
  • Well-organized Content – If it’s not easy to use, consumers will go elsewhere. That’s why Netflix and Hulu make it ridiculously easy to find the content you are looking for.
  • Fast Playback & Return – Adding to the user experience, both of these sites make it easy to playback and to return to the last played position.

So, you’ll notice that user experience is key. Consumers want things easy and they want them now. That’s why companies like Uscreen have been popping up; so content creators can provide consumers the content they want, when they want it. In fact, Uscreen’s interface and offerings are pretty similar to these sites.

  • Has a Great User Interface (UI) – Uscreen’s UI is clear, beautiful, and easy to use.
  • Allows for Categorization – Uscreen allows for organizing content into categories, not unlike Netflix or Hulu.
  • Let’s You Return & Playback – Uscreen also has instant playback and let’s you return to the last played position.
  • Offers White Label Mobile App – Uscreen provides a mobile app that can be completely branded with the video creator’s information. It also allows users to stream and download content.

How Transformed Online Training is best known for providing training and online course content. This is yet another avenue entrepreneurs like you are making money on their video content. These are people who typically have knowledge in a niche or specific area and are able to produce quality video courses to teach that to the public. Lynda essentially hosts their content and consumers come to the site for whatever they desire to learn. Lynda offers several features that make it a top online training platform.

  • Simple & Well-Organized Content – This makes it easier for viewers to find what they are looking for.
  • Chapters & Episodes – Having these available for each course, means viewers can easily find where they left off or to know what is up next in their course work.
  • Course Description & Transcript – Viewers can easily see what each course entails to determine if it’s the training they are looking for.
  • Member Discussion – Members can discuss the course with other people taking it at any given time.

So, as you can see allows those with course curriculums to host and upload their content to its platform. You simple have a single membership to Lynda and you can access all classes. Lynda focuses largely on professional training content and doesn’t focus on videos specifically. Uscreen does much of the same, but offers a white label option, where all of Uscreen’s branding is gone and the creator’s is all you see.

  • Has Simple & Well-Organized Content – Uscreen has this in a very similar UI to Lynda.
  • Includes the Ability to Add chapters & Episodes – Uscreen allows for this as well.
  • Course Description, Custom CSS & Custom Layout – Uscreen works directly with the creator to develop a custom experience for the brand and customer on their course page.
  • Allows Viewer Discussion – Like Lynda, Uscreen offers a forum for viewers to discuss and interact.

How to Setup Your Own, Branded Online Video Store

 Here is a quick guide to what it takes to have your online video store up-and-running in no time.

  1. Create quality video content – You can do this through hiring a production team that can also edit and polish it for you. Or you can produce it yourself using programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, or iMovie.
  2. Create additional course content – This could be anything from PDFs to podcasts that accompany your video course content.
  3. Upload to video consul – Uscreen offers an easy-to-use consul where you can upload and manage all of your content.
  4. Create a video menu – In the consul, you are able to create a video menu (like a DVD menu) for your videos.
  5. Setup your website to accept subscriptions or memberships – This is a great way to receive on-going income. The Uscreen platform allows you to accept memberships or to have customers pay for each video watched.
  6. Promote your video store – You can do this through social media or online ads. It’s up to you! Once you get a following, the videos will sell themselves.

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