How-to Transfer a YouTube Channel to a Different Google+ Page or Profile

How-to Transfer a YouTube Channel to a Different Google+ Page or Profile

The integration of YouTube with Google+ was meant to make it easier for creators and marketers to control both accounts and the community around them. For the most part that has worked well for the majority of users, but there have been a few major niggles which have taken time to iron out.

One of these has been the ability to move a YouTube channel from one Google+ Profile or Page to another with as little fuss as possible. For those who have struggled with this issue, there is at last a solution. Google has rolled out a Channel Transfer Tool which allows creators and channel owners to match up a YouTube channel with the desire G+ account, and if you manage multiple G+ accounts and YouTube channels, then your life just got a little easier. Yay!

Transfer a YouTube Channel to a Different Google+ Profile or Page

If your YouTube channel was connected to the wrong Google+ Business Page or Profile on set-up, or you wish to change the associated G+ Page or Profile, here are the very easy steps to take to change that:

  1. Sign in to the channel on YouTube you wish to connect to a new Google+ Page or Profile. Note: You must be the actual owner of this channel for this process to work.
  2. Click on ‘Settings‘ (via the gear symbol in the top right-hand corner), and then choose the ‘Advanced’ option.
  3. Click ‘Move channel to different Google+ Profile or Page’ and re-enter your account password when prompted.
  4. A new transfer dashboard window will open with details regarding the current YouTube channel and the Google+ account it is connected to.
  5. Now, click ‘Select desired page or profile‘. This will give you a list of all available Google+ options for your account. You will only be able to move your YouTube channel to a Google+ page or Profile you actually own. If the Google+ account you want to transfer the channel to operates under a different email address then it won’t appear in your list of options.
  6. Choose the new Google+ account you wish to associate your channel with, and click ‘Move Channel’, check the details, and click ‘Move Channel‘ again.

By moving your YouTube account over, you will transfer all video content, playlist settings, your subscriber base plus your subscriptions, as well as the Channel username. Private messages, comments posted after November 2013, custom URL set up after November 2014, and channel icon will not be transferred. Also, any Google+-based comments or messages will stay with the original Google+ Page or Profile.

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