How To Upload Videos And Pictures From Your Computer To Instagram

How To Upload Videos And Pictures From Your Computer To Instagram

Why Instagram is important for Musicians

Instagram, the most popular app for sharing photos and videos, has grown over the past 3 years, more than any of its rivals on social networks, including Twitter and Snapchat. Currently, the number of people sharing photos and videos every month through Instagram rose 300 million, at the beginning of the year and now exceeds the number of people using Twitter every month in almost 100 million.

The application incorporates this year the possibility of uploading videos and gif, and also add some new filters, new features that have allowed to Instagram add users and some detractors, especially since they decided to add advertising to the timeline

And with the grown of Instagram, others apps and websites wants to be part of the success and offers new features, like Gramblr, an app to upload videos, music and pictures on Instagram from your computer for free. Gramblr is an emulator and works with Mac OS X and Windows without any conflict.

If you are like most musicians, you will it find difficult to edit video and images on your phone for Instagram. Trying create 15 second segment of your videos on your phone can be a nightmare. Plus you want to ensure that the audio quality is at it’s best at all times. Carrying these editing tasks are much easier on a desktop or laptop.

How To Publish Videos & Images On Instagram From Your Computer With Gramblr

Lucky enough a website to called Gramblr allows you carry publishing to instagram from your computer. All you have to do is download and install the gramblr app on your computer. Then log in your Instagram account, choose the video or picture that you want to upload and done! The app is free and the only condition is to have an account, also free.

Gramblr is easy to use and is the quicker way to upload videos or pictures from other sources, like pictures that you made with a professional camera or home videos that you have on your computer. In Youtube, you will found tutorials videos, but 2 of them were the best and simpler: Please watch the video tutorial above to show you how to use Gramblr on your computer to publish music videos and images to Instagram

To post your picture, music file or video you have to follow only 4 steps: Select your Media; Crop and Shape; Apply some Filters and Write a Caption and Send. And you have your picture or video in Instagram in an easy and quick way.

How To Schedule Videos And Images On Instagram Using Gramblr

One of best features that Gramblr have is the possibility of schedule your posts. When you upload a picture or a video, the final step is to write the text, and then you have 2 option: post the media “Immediately” or in “Some other time”, options that allow you programming the day and hour to post it. This feature is exclusive of Gramblr because in Instagram you can’t publish your image or video later, you must post it in the exact moment that you upload it.

Gramblr is the perfect solution for people that love Instagram but don’t want to use smartphones or tablets for different reason (big fingers that made difficult to use cellphones keyboards). Also, this application is made for photographers that want to upload their work, pictures that are taken with professional cameras, or for those who love use Photoshop instead of Instagram’s filters. Or for both!

The app offers other features, more than 50 image filters (10 times more than Instagram, that for the moment has 23 filters), automatic cropping, and tips to improve your photos and videos.

On The Internet there are others apps to use Instagram, but Gramblr is the only one that enables to upload your images or videos from a computer for free and with special features. There are many apps to manage your Instagram account for Android, OS, Windows and others, but doesn’t work like Gramblr.

There is no doubt that in Play and in App Store you can find more apps to use Instagram, an add-on with new filters, special features for videos like slow motion and color correct, but they don’t have a desktop version.

For band managers or artists that are going about a DIY approach to their music Marketing, Glambr is also a good tool for work. The app gives them more control of posts and texts, and without any doubt, the schedule options that Glambr offers is the most valued of all. Musicians can program their post and have a better control of the pictures or videos that they want to share with the web.

In recent months, Instagram has been renewed and adding others features, in order to continue his growth. Now the social network of photography allows you to group conversations in direct messages’ section, also has more tools in Explore and Discover’s section, plus it also supports images in horizontal format and not just in square format. The photography app also adds more filters, but Gramblr has more filters than Instagram.

Instagram continues to prove its importance in the domain of mobile phones, according to the latest eMarketer study on Internet use. In 2016, 89.4 million Americans will log in at Instagram at least once a month, accounting for 34.1% of mobile phone users. And by 2017, 51.8% of social network users will use the photography app, surpassing the 50% mark for the first time.

But regarding these numbers, users wants also upload audiovisual materials, videos, photos and music from their computers for free, without paid any fee.

For the moment Gramblr only works for Mac and Windows. Download and use Gramblr and take your audiovisual materials to the next level and use a powerful tool for your social networks!

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