How To Use Facebook Video To Drive Business Results

How To Use Facebook Video To Drive Business Results

Video content shared on Facebook may serve you as a great call-to-action button when it comes to engaging, informing and attracting your audience. And now more than ever, as the latest stats show, Facebook video views continue to rise, and many industry experts predict it will outgrow YouTube. Although YouTube is still the clear leader in video sharing, delivering 3 trillion video views during 2015, Facebook is catching up, with a 2 trillion views this year.

It looks like Facebook is doing their best to make it a #1 video share platform. And they have the traffic to support it. We need not talk about the obvious potential for your business. Instead let’s talk about what you can do to best leverage Facebook’s video potential.

Keep it Short

First of all when making a video for Facebook you should keep the length at 1-2 minutes. Viewers’ attention spans decrease by the day, and nobody has the time to watch a 5-10 minute video nowadays.

And Keep It Busy

According to Visible Measures you have only 10 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention before they click away from a video. What can you do!? Consider your first frames to be the tipping point. Do not start with fade in effect or anything similar. Instead hit them (the viewers) with the message and a lot of motion/color that will grab their attention from the start.

Educate and Inspire Your Viewers

People want a content that will impress them, make them learn something new. Inspirational videos get more shares and engagement than typical sales messages. So while creating a video content focus on creating a memorable, meaningful content, that can be useful for your viewers. In other words give them something more than that plane information about your product…and start with first 10 seconds.

Be Entertaining

And be entertaining as you can or as your subject allows you to. Do not ignore simple fact people are on Facebook to hangout and have fun. Use it to your advantage.

Make Use Of Facebook Video Ads

We all know the limitations of Facebook organic reach which is minimal. Focus on Facebook Ads that can help you target audiences by age, gender, interests, behaviors, employment, life events and more. In other words, it will help you profile your audience even more, making sure your video hits desired audience.

Native, YouTube Embed or Your Own Video Platform Embed

With the rise of native Facebook video player, this one is rather hard to tackle. Each option has it’s own perks and benefits and, I guess, it only make sense to make use of all of the above within your general digital marketing strategy. However keep in mind on these differences. First of all there are talks that Facebook is pushing their native player in favor of others. Why wouldn’t they!? and if so why wouldn’t you!? On the other hand, YouTube embeds can bring additional subscribers and video/channel views. This gives you the opportunity to harness both YouTube and Facebook at the same time. But keep in mind Facebook is pushing a native player. Finally, you own video platform that has a player with in-wall Facebook video player display option (like for example) offers additional branding option via your own personal branded player skin. You’ll have your content recognizable, when shared, not only by the quality of your video but by your unique player skin. Add to it monetization option, the ability to serve your own ads within your video. Then again Facebook is pushing a native player.

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