How Victorinox Tripled YouTube Views

How Victorinox Tripled YouTube Views


Social media channels remain somewhat of a challenge for mass watch brands. In L2’s Digital IQ Index®: Mass & Licensed Watches, fashion brands with a watch segment dominate Facebook. And on YouTube, mass & licensed watch brands account for just 4% of first page search results for branded search terms. Likewise innovation is scarce on Instagram, mostly in the form of e-commerce integration using Like2Buy.

Victorinox is one of the exceptions, who amplified its Facebook and Twitter reach by 12x and 36x respectively with the “Forged to Resist” campaign around its I.N.OX. watch. The flagship watch has undergone 130 tests – washing machine cycles, tank wheels, fires – as a testament to its endurance. On August 27, Victorinox held a launch party where several of those tests were performed live for 250 bloggers. The bloggers posted photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and I.N.O.X. watches were awarded to bloggers who generated the most likes, shares and comments on each platform.

The campaign did not stop there. Victorinox posted a compilation of the event on YouTube, followed by three videos documenting the products strength against drop, temperature shock and pressure. The four-video series attracted 2.4 million views on YouTube, and views of the Victorinox channel have tripled since posting the launch even video on September 5th.

For more on which mass and licensed brands are exhibiting success on Facebook, download the L2 study.

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