HTML5 Video Player Comparison

HTML5 Video Player Comparison

Last year we have witnessed IAB (The Interactive Advertising Bureau) setting HTML5 as the new industry standard in interactive marketing and discard Flash, as a standard for making interactive ads online. Simple reason really: Flash is not inter-operable across devices while HTML5 is!

Today it’s hard to find a browser, mobile software platform or video platform/player that is not going to support HTML5. In case you wonder YES, you are already using an HTML5 Player with Brid.Tv. We wanted to show you how the BridTv player stands in comparison to other video players that are on the market today.

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Using an Online Video Platform for HTML5 Video

Informative facts as they are, they are just one part of the story. You see, a video player is only good as the video platform behind it. A video platform should cover all your video needs. It should allow you to host videos if you want, encode and stream videos, manage content (add, remove, publish, unpublish, share, embed etc.), customize player to match your brand, track engagement through video analytics, serve ads and monetize your video content. Having all these features, like BridTv does, helps a lot in every business.

#VideoPlayer is only good as the #VideoPlatform behind it! Click To TweetFinally, there is the question of your budget. Not everyone can afford an enterprise level platform. Not every business needs one. Today, more and more video platforms are discontinuing their free videos plans and unless you dug deep into what’s on the market today, you’ll hardly to know witch one is the best fit for your business, big or small, just by looking at the tech stats.

Let’s say you run a business model based on high quality video. You know how expensive making a video can be and in order to continue creating videos at the same level of quality, you need to be able to monetize them, right? Most of the third-party white label video hosts like BridTv lets you integrate your inventory in ways that YouTube does not. Most offer monetization and all of the above features, right? Well…not all of the features.

So, what makes BridTv a unique video platform in 2016?

In many ways BridTv is already ahead of competition … and I don’t mean only in tech department.

We are the ONLY online video platform on the market which offers unlimited ad calls! Click To TweetWe are the ONLY online video platform on the market which offers with our player UNLIMITED usage of VAST/VPAID ads with our player – unlimited ad calls! Unlike any other platform on the market today, we allow you to use our player and run unlimited volumes of your ads for free!

We are the ONLY online video platform with a unique, and first-to-market tech, video widget that resembles the experience of Facebook videos in the platform’s news feed for desktop and mobile users, complete with autoplay for both videos AND VAST-compatible pre-roll ads. You can check the demo of our in-page on mobile with autoplay here.

Our player has pre-roll for FaceBook wall feature . Whenever you share your player on Facebook, the Brid player will embed directly in your Facebook wall and if you chose to monetize your videos with a pre-roll, after clicking on the play button a, pre-roll will appear before your video starts playback on FaceBook wall as well.

Our player has a new type of video playlist widget which takes in a user created playlist and makes it to be responsive so it is mobile friendly and also has a different, more touch friendly user interface when rendered on mobile.

Exciting Times Are Ahead Of Us And We Invite You To Join Us

As viewability and mobile are becoming key factors for 2016 and as the media consumption changes we are evolving together with the market. BridTv is already VAST 3 and VPAID 2 compatible and in the following weeks you can expect VAST 4 compatibility as well. And our take on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) video player, a video player made specially for mobile display, will set BridTv player even more as a unique video player on the market.

Nowadays everyone needs a video player. Which one will you choose is up to you.

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