Measuring Conversion to Sales with Video


AE2If you are a business, you are likely to either use or consider using video for marketing. You are also likely to use YouTube as the delivery medium. The question now is how you measure the success of your video. On YouTube, the term “viral” is very common, but in reality a small percentage of videos on Youtube actually achieve this. If you are marketing your business, to what extent can you rely only on the potential virality of your videos on YouTube?

Point being; what do you really gain on YouTube if your video doesn’t go viral? The answer is not much. You can use YouTube’s Analytics to see the number of views over time, research significant events (how traffic flowed to your channel), and track activities in order to speculate on what content was most effective, but what are you really gaining without a tangible measurement on how your videos convert to sales? While YouTube and other video-sharing websites provide a medium for broadcasting your video to the huddled masses, this still leaves you with the more important need to get to your buyers with a genuine system toconvert them to sales.


When it comes to promotional videos, YouTube and other video-sharing websites are not positioned to optimize performance by any means. First and foremost, if you are promoting your products or brand with video, you must first place the content on your website. You need to be your own “YouTube” around your brand. While any traffic from YouTube is great, you should never send your visitors from your website to YouTube to watch your content (this happens way too often).

Who wants to send customers away from their store to watch marketing content? You need a system to let your viewers navigate and browse your videos on your website. You equally need a way to harness the engagement and convert it into sales. This is what TVPage offers your business.

TVPage is a fresh, groundbreaking and innovative platform that allows you to import your entire YouTube Channel in seconds and embed it all on your website! It also lets you add calls to action (aka “Marketing Spots”) from every single video and measure conversion to your product pages (or any pages)! TVPage is user-friendly and free to get started! It’s that easy.


Imagine if e-commerce websites had the ability to upload their entire YouTube channel’s product showcase directly to their TVPage, add “Marketing Spots” that call viewers to action for products as they watch relevant videos, AND allow the business to measure conversion to sales (not just views, traffic source, or likes – sorry YouTube). Not only can people view your products from any digital device, but those viewers will stay engaged longer with the highly interactive TV Guide-esque navigation of TVPage, resulting in more conversions to sales. Want to share your player with your friends on Twitter or Facebook? Go ahead, share your entire collection! We support that. In fact, you can even add your TVPage to your Facebook Page and convert viewers on Facebook to customers.!

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