How to turn 1 video into a week’s worth of content marketing


Videos are an amazing way to kill of writer’s block and create a weeks worth of content marketing to grow your business. They can help with link building for SEO, guest posting to build a following and keeping your YouTube channels full of relevant content and information. If you look at most videos, they can be broken up into smaller videos.

Some have points they make, others go through processes like how to make a cake and some just talk about certain things like packing for a trip and the piles of clothing on your floor. By taking the different sections of the video, transcribing them and breaking them out into more detail, you can create an entire week’s worth of marketing from one short video.

Transcribe your video into content for marketing

The first thing I do when I have writers block is to look through the video and transcribe it. By doing this I now have a great article that works as copy for my website. I then pull out all key points, products, steps or whatever else was covered in the video.

Next I take each of these and I write an article going into more detail about each specific product or point. These articles help to bring in long tail traffic to my website, can help to drive sales and can be used for guest posts on other sites to link back to your site which may help it rank better in the search engines. This can be done with almost any video. Let’s look at the popular “How Animals Eat” viral video.

Even if you’re site isn’t a fit for a comedic one, but your site or store is about animals, you can still use this for a content strategy. You can take each animal and do another video with the actual way they eat, their diets, where they live, how long they can go without eating, etc… All of these topics become content that you can use if you have a site about animals or you sell products with animals on them. If you have a marketing site, you can break apart the video on how it became viral.

You can talk about using multiple animals, adding in costumes, how the actors kept a straight face, being ridiculous and then create articles about all of these. This would be perfect if you have a site, product or blog about videos, marketing or viral marketing campaigns.

It’s easiest to use your own content to break out the video into new articles that you can use, but sometimes using something else for inspiration can be a good fit to help you find things to write about. You can also use the video on your site to entertain your visitors, if the viral video is still brand new and just starting to go viral.

Create new videos from one video for original content

Now that you have a ton of articles written it’s time to create new videos. You can either create one about the content you’ve written, you can create it to explain everything in the posts or you can do a video focused specifically about one of the things in the article. Once you have this done you can now start uploading it to other video sites, send it to other site owners and bloggers or even let your fans and followers on social media sites know you have a new series of videos coming out.

These videos help to show the search engines you have new content, they keep your followers or customers coming back because there is something new and they can be a great way to drive in extra long tail traffic you may not have had without it. You also now have original content that you can use to get guest posts and gain exposure on other sites.

How to get guest posts by using video for content marketing

Find a few relevant sites that are about the same topic as your video. Write to them and let them know you have a brand new video about their topic. You should let them know that it hasn’t been released yet, they can have ownership of it, if they use it on their site and give you credit for it. You should also probably include a few bullet points about the video and why the content will be helpful for their audience. This is a great way to get links for your site to help with SEO, get their visitors attention and help give them a reason to follow you and to visit your site.

Original, high quality video content is always an asset. There will always be sites out there looking for it and now that you have created it, you can find a place for it. By finding relevant sites with an active audience you can also help to grow your company.

Where to place the content you’ve created online

Now you have a ton of articles, videos and content that needs a home. The tricky part is finding it a home and knowing what should go where. Take your most relevant articles for your site and keep them for it. Then take the rest of it and look through Twitter, Facebook and different blog sites to find people with a large following. Reach out to them with custom written messages, private message and let them know what you have. If you make sure you do not spam them, you show you have something of value and you don’t get upset when many of them say no, you will find homes for them and this can help boost your rankings within the search engines. If you don’t find a home for everything on unique sites, don’t video on facebook

Videos can be distributed across everything from YouTube and Vimeo to MetaCafe and a ton of other sites to help drive attention and get views. Your content can be used on article sites or communities (as long as it is unique) and you can use no follow links to bring people to your site, if they allow that. If the post is well written and ranks in the search engines, you now have a new source of traffic and a way to build a following.

One of the best things about video is that one video can easily give you an entire week’s worth of content to work with. You can break it up, transcribe it and do more videos about specific topics within the original video. If you ever have writer’s block, think about videos you have already created and think about how to use them to generate a ton of new content. You’ll not only be overwhelmed with work, but you’ll be able to have link bait, guest posts and things that other sites would like.

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