Politics, Sports And Gaming: Top YouTube Ads For August 2013


Politics, Sports And Gaming: Top YouTube Ads For August 2013

Nike and other sports brands head up the most watched video ads on YouTube’s Leaderboard for August 2013. Four of the top ten are sports focused or related with Nike, NBC Sports Network, and Jumpman23 taking the top spots for last month. There were some notable additions alongside the usual suspects. Comedy website CollegeHumor teamed up with VitaminWater on their ‘Make Boring Brilliant’ campaign to take the number 9 position and a political campaign trailer video garnered enough views to take the number 10 spot.

Let’s take a look at the ads in question. All view counts are from August 2013.

Top Ten Ads on YouTube for August 2013

#10 NYForDeBlasio – New Yorkers for de Blasio TV Ad: “Dante” (132,218 Views)

A political campaign ad from Democratic NY Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio featuring his teenage son was the 10th most watched ad in the US last month. de Blasio is just one of the candidates to embrace video as a medium to carry their message across to the city’s voters

#9 CollegeHumor – Pandhandler Pranks Entire Subway Car (440,980 Views)

“Hey, excuse me ladies and gentlemen. May I have your attention please.” Normally, that kind of announcement on public transport is greeted with trepidation but this video, from CollegeHumor in conjunction with health drink retailer VitaminWater, turns subway bragging into an artform. It takes a while for the commuters to take notice but as you see the smiles gently start to creep across their faces (and yours) you’ll want to give the guy a high five too.

#8 EASPORTS – Madden 25: Summer Camp (559,677 Views)

See how Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick’s sporting rivalry goes all the way back to summer camp in this ad to promote Madden NFL 25. Very entertaining.

#7 PetsAddLife – Wet Dog (650,879 Views)

Recently bathed dog gives owner a running commentary on how it sucks to be him (the dog, not the owner).

#6 Battlefield – Battlefield 4: Official Premium Video (734,237 Views)

Released on August 20th, the popularity of the Battlefield series ensured this video earned a place on the Leaderboard with nearly three quarters of million views.

#5 Motorola – Moto X – Always Ready (1,042,960 Views)

The ‘Always On’ phone from Google and Motorola, trained to recognise its owners voice commands, was the 5th most popular ad last month with this trailer. I totally want one

#4 Honda – Honda Civic 2013 Nick Cannon #BestYourself (1,178,350 Views)

Honda have a pedigree of creating fantastic video content and this feelgood one, featuring Nick Cannon, obviously hit the right spot with viewers since its launch in July. The aim of the video and surrounding campaign is one of celebrating diversity and the drive to achieve success through non-traditional paths

#3 Jumpman23 – Blake and Drain (5,281,859 Views)

LA Clippers forward Blake Griffin teams up with a kid called ‘Drain’ to promote the Jumpman23 range from Jordan. It’s funny with a great blend of acting, visuals and a spot on soundtrack.

#2 NBCSportsNetwork – An American Coach in London: NBC Sports Premier League Film featuring Jason Sudeikis (5,487,588 Views)

Published on August 3rd, just in time for the kick off of the UK football seaon, this ad from NBC promotes coverage of Premier League games in the U.S. “How many countries are in this country?” Fantastic

#1 Nike – Nike Presents: Just Do It — Possibilities (8,736,890 Views)

Nike takes the top spot with over 3 million more views than its nearest competitor NBC. It’s a Nike commercial so it was always going to do well, but this Bradley Cooper narrated, Wieden+Kennedy produced trailer for the brand is inspirational, heartwarming and absolutely on topic

The YouTube Ads Leaderboard is determined by paid views, organic views and audience retention.

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