IAB Study: 80% Of Marketers Set To Spend More On Original Digital Video


IAB Study: 80% Of Marketers Set To Spend More On Original Digital Video


The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released its fourth annual video ad spend study this week. The “Digital Content NewFronts: Video Ad Spend Study” found that advertiser investment in original digital video programming has nearly doubled over the past two years, with 80% of brand and agency executives planning to spend even more on original digital video this year.

Original digital video is gaining a greater share of total digital video budgets, reaching 47% in 2017. In addition, native advertising is a key part of the original digital video buys, accounting for 42% of investment.

And 53% of the marketers and media buyers surveyed said expanding budgets was a reason for the rise in original digital video spend. Plus, the study found marketers and media buyers are planning to allocate 40% of their original digital video budget after attending the 2017 NewFront presentations.

Among the other findings, advertisers revealed that the biggest obstacle in spending more in original video content is quality. More than 60% said they’ll  increase spending on digital video advertising in the next 12 months, and the share of digital video ad spend bought programmatically is expected to  grow in 2017.



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