ILikeWeylie: Behind the Reel with the Beauty Guru Sister You Never Had [Interview]

ILikeWeylie: Behind the Reel with the Beauty Guru Sister You Never Had [Interview]

Welcome to another episode of ‘Behind the Reel’, a show that takes a ‘reel’ look behind the personalities shaping online video. This week, we have another interview from Playlist Live, this time with Weylie Hoang from the YouTube channel “I Like Weylie“. Weylie is a beauty guru with over 1 million subscribers and nearly 75 million views on YouTube. In a market where this this kind of content is beginning to outperform traditional advertising, it’s no wonder that Weylie has such a dedicated following. So, please give a warm welcome to Weylie, the sister you never had.

Weylie Hoang and ‘ILikeWeylie’

ReelSEO: What are your top tips for video marketers and content creators on YouTube?


Weylie: Staying consistent is really important, or even just sticking to a schedule so people know when you are going to upload. That way, people aren’t seeing a video this week, but wondering how long they have to wait to see the next one. Also, get a good quality camera, just because you want everyone to see you clearly. That’s especially important for me as I do beauty videos as people need to see every color that I’m using and the images aren’t pixelated. Editing, and filming multiple shots is also incredibly important.

ReelSEO: Do you take notice of, or capitalize on trends so you can build your content around them?

Weylie: I normally create content around the seasons, because I’m pretty bad at following trends. In fact, I get excited about something and people will say, oh that’s so three months ago….so I tend to stick to whatever people are suggesting. For instance, I notice when winter comes around, viewers will suggest make-up looks for Christmas and I will use that as a basis for a video. My viewers know the trends better than me so I’ll take their lead.

ReelSEO: Beauty vloggers are crushing the industry right now in terms of content. How do you see YouTube helping the beauty industry move forward?

Weylie: YouTube is becoming a really big platform, it’s almost passing television views nowadays. Beauty marketing on YouTube is very organic and when viewers see products being used, it really helps to promote the brand. It also gives beauty vloggers a great opportunity to work with these brands.

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