Increase Your Video’s Impact by Improving the User Experience

Increase Your Video’s Impact by Improving the User Experience

We all want our videos to succeed online. We want lots of people to watch them, and for those people to get our message then act on it.

We spend time and money to produce great videos. We embed them on websites, optimize keywords add metadata, and build systems to allow for easy sharing. But there’s something we’ve been ignoring, something obvious that can make a huge difference in making sure more people watch our videos and get more from them.

I call it “video user experience.” It involves everything from the text, images and media that surround the video, the things a user needs to do before and after playing the video, the video’s placement on the page and how it behaves when they click on it.

Next time you think about putting a video online, consider the following:

  • Have you set up your viewers for the video they are about to see?
  • Are your videos the right length?
  • Does the video actually provide the information a viewer expects when they click on it?
  • Is the navigation between text and video intuitive?
  • Are your video thumbnails enticing and relevant?
  • Is there a logical way for the viewer to take a next step once they’ve watched the video?

By taking time to better plan and configure these aspects of a video’s “user experience” we can increase video’s impact and help viewers to take action to share, make a purchase or discover related material.

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