The Industry Experts Guide to Building Your Brand on YouTube

The Industry Experts Guide to Building Your Brand on YouTube

The meteoric growth of YouTube has given brands the opportunity to reach their target audiences directly, without having to go via traditional broadcast channels. At the 2014 ReelSummit, industry experts discussed how brands can capitalize on the popularity of YouTube, along with the best methods to reach and connect with their audience, and how to grow their own communities on the platform.

Moderated by Jim Louderback, GM of Discovery Digital Networks, the panel also featured Jonathan Hunt of Vice, Christine Ngo of Pepsico, YouTube host Ross Everett, and YouTube expert Brendan Gahan, the panel also discussed why brands should to collaborate to extend their reach.  You can watch the full panel in the following video, and read some of the highlights of the discussion below.

Building Authentic Brand Success on YouTube

During the discussion, the panel were asked to talk about examples of brand/creator collaborations, and marketing on YouTube have worked:

Jonathan Hunt: An example of a brand that has really worked hard to work with YouTube communities is Intel, who really wanted to connect with young people to gain visibility for its processor. Vice is working with Intel on a five-year long strategy to promote the product through art and design, for instance, how Daft Punk are using Intel’s technology to create their music. The collaborative content has been syndicated to TV, as well as being extensively published on social media.

Brendan Gahan: Phil deFranco did a deal with Netflix where he started a movie club and he’d review movies each day. It ran daily and incorporated fan comments but it also encouraged fans and viewers to sign up for a free month’s trial of Netflix, which was an awesome strategy. Any fan of Phil knows he loves his entertainment so his Netflix content was taken on trust, and it was just so perfect for his brand.

Ross Everett: It is vital that brands keep on top of who is talking about them organically. It can be an amazing opportunity to find creators who are already enthusiastic about your product or services and are pouring their own resources into making videos about them. Working with these types of creators will give your brand and authentic voice – and that’s vital.

Christine Ngo: As a brand, our first rule of thumb in working with a creator is to make sure they are actually a fan of Mountain Dew. It doesn’t matter how big or popular the creator is, if they don’t actually like us then we don’t want to work with them. YouTube commentators can smell BS and they know when a collaboration sucks. If a creator doesn’t want to work with us, there’s no way I am going to try and convince them. (DevinSuperTramp is a creator that Pepsico/MountainDew have worked very successfully with – see below):

We’d like to thank Jim for moderating, and thank Brendan, Jonathan, Christine, and Ross for passing on their expert knowledge of brand strategy to the attendees of the 2014 ReelSummit.

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