Infographic: Video marketing trends to watch

Infographic: Video marketing trends to watch

Is video a big part of your content strategy for 2018?

As more companies develop video teams and offerings, several important trends have separated effective campaigns from futile exercises.

This infographic from Vidyard compiled 16 benchmarks that show how video creators are changing their tactics to reach online consumers. From analyzing how viewers watch to what content they prefer to consume, consider these insights before investing in your next costly video campaign.

Some thoughts include:

  • Eighty-six percent of viewers watch business video on desktops. Although mobile use is on the rise, the evidence suggests enterprise video had better look good on a bigger screen.
  • Individual companies publish 18 videos a month. Is quantity more important than quality?
  • Fifty-six percent of the videos published run two minutes or less. Online video audiences love brevity.

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How can your video efforts be improved in the year to come? See the full infographic below to see how you stack up against the competition.

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