Infographic: Video rising

Video is the new print. If you want attention for your brand, product or idea these days, research shows you’ll get far more eyes and ears on it with moving images than with static ones. Watch our video infographic below to track video’s nascent past and booming future.

The world is changing.

Today’s consumer isn’t like we used to be.

Yes, he also finds moving pictures magical.

But his passion for video goes beyond simple amazement.

Constantly connected, he sees the world differently than you and I.

On-demand access has brought the world’s information to the palm of his hand…

…Making it difficult to drag his attention away from cat antics and viral videos.

Yes, video has impacted our consumer even more than traditional forms of advertising

And if current trends continue, it’s only going to become more difficult to connect with him.

Indeed, it seems nothing will hold his attention.

Except video.

Quality content is the only tool that keeps this audience engaged…

And a quality video provider is your best ally in the fight for his attention.

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Or if you prefer old-school, leisurely perusing, enjoy the static version below.

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