Instagram Video and It’s Web Marketing Ability


Over the last few years Instagram has built itself into a large community of people sharing little snippets of their life. Last year they expanded on their features and have introduce Instagram video. This allows users to share videos up to 15 seconds long with their followers. Being one of the largest social platform, receiving even more new user sign ups then Facebook, it is one of the most financially viable way to use video marketing to connect with your fan base.

How it works

Now when you go to take a photo through your Instagram app you will see a camera icon. Simply tap it and you will enter the video mode. The video feature allows users to record videos from 3 seconds to 15 seconds. The features for which Instagram is known for has been passed on to the video feature. Users can choose their favourite filters to be applied to their videos just like to the photos. Other features included are; favourite frames can be selected to be used as the cover image so viewers can view the video as an image if they don’t desire to use the video feature.

Other Features

Initially Instagram video did not allow for users to pull videos from their camera library. But it did automatically save the videos recorded through the app into the device media library. However since the version 4.1 was rolled out this feature has been added and now users can pull videos straight from the device’s library. You also have the ability to edit your video by stringing several videos together. However only the last frame of the previous video can be deleted otherwise you would have to reshoot the entire last video.

What This Means For Video Marketing

Being such a large social platform this new feature will allow for users to reach potential clients in a new way. More and more people are turning to social media to stay in contact to a business rather then the traditional methods of phone or emails as they feel they are more connected to the business and usually receive a faster response.

With the younger generation being brought up on social media it means that the larger the social profile your business has the easier it will be to introduce yourself and your business to the next generation of consumers. Hence why there have been so many dodgy business offering “social sharing packages” of likes, comments, plays and even fans. Even though these websites are popping up all around the world, in countries like Spain, Brazil and Germany. What they are against the terms and conditions of all social sharing websites. Buying these services could mean your page being deleted or restricted. No doubt this new feature will also create a new market of people offering Instagram views. This is nothing but a cheap trick to get you started but if you really want to use Instagram video as a real marketing tool you must focus on content. So if you have been thinking about whether you should buy Instagram followers or not the answer is no, work on building real content.

Making sure you continue to create interesting content that will engage your existing fans and encouraging them to share your post is what will work in the end. Not faking a number. If used properly, Instagram video can be an easy and financially viable way to reach new and existing customers and build on brand loyalty. These are the users that want to see what your business is about. What it stands for and not just and ad on television or billboard.

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