Whenever I visit a potential client to discuss producing a video promo for their digital marketing campaigns, a common question that pops up is ‘How long will the video be’?  A common misconception is that the shorter the video then the cheaper it should cost because it’s only a ‘quick video.’

But as the title of this post affirms, the length of the promo does not necessarily determine the price.

Think of it like a getting a tattoo...

Any tattoo artist will tell you that it is not the size of the tattoo but the detail within it that will determine the cost.

It’s a natural assumption to make of course, but it is something that I find I have to explain a lot when pricing a job.  The editing process is mostly a mystery to people because it is the part that is never seen.  The shooting is seen as the main event and therefore  the main part of the process.  In truth the editing is far more time consuming and involves many different elements such as creating the whole pace of the video and incorporating music and logo’s etc.

A 20 second video can cost more than a 60 second video because you have less time in which to get the message across which can require more skillful editing of the footage.  There could also be several different locations within a 20 second video which increase the cost of making the video rather than a 3 minute production with one set up in one location.

Besides, most video promos have to be short now in order to be shareable across social media so it comes down to the content of the video and what has to be done to achieve it.  Their effectiveness is not dependant on how long they are but by how much they resonate with the viewer and if it delivers the desired brand message.