Jesus, Gandhi and Mother Teresa Stump for UNICEF in Extremely Virtuous Holiday Ads


Forget about those famous Internet felines in Friskies’ Christmas spot. The real holiday supergroup is in this campaign from Forsman & Bodenfors for UNICEF Sweden.

I’m talking about Jesus, Gandhi and Mother Teresa—dubbed “The Good Guys”—who get together to discuss the sacrifices they made to benefit humanity. They’re joined by a typical party dude, who gets to hang with the hallowed do-gooders simply because he clicked on a UNICEF banner to help save kids’ lives.

The three spots in the series strike just the right tone. They’re mildly irreverent and amusingly low-key, with lots of cute exchanges and details. You’ve gotta love Gandhi’s mod yoga mat; the slacker complaining that Jesus’s story, while possibly the greatest ever told, drags on a bit; and Christ accidentally clicking through to an ab-blasting offer when He initially tries the Internet.

It’s a good thing Jesus is on board, since it usually takes a miracle to get folks to click on banner ads, even for a good cause.

CREDITS Client: UNICEF Director of Communication: Petra Hallebrant Senior Marketing Officer: Jim Carlberg Marketing Officer: Åsa Lee

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors Art Director: Johanna Hofman-Bang, Agnes Stenberg-Schentz Copywriter: Marcus Hägglöf Account Supervisor: Jacob Nelson Account Manager: Lena Birnik Agency Producer: Magnus Kennhed, Helena Wård PR: Desirée Maurd Designer: Nina Andersson Original: F&B Factory

ACNE Production Director: Torbjörn Martin, Tomas Skoging Executive Producer: Petur Mogensen Producer: Fredrik Skoglund Account Manager: Jacob Englund Director of Photography: Christian Haag Costume: Patrik Hedin Make Up: Sanna Riley Set Designer: Cian Bournebusch

Special Thanks during the film production Post Production: Chimney Pot Camera and Lights: Ljud & Bildmedia Casting London: Aston Hinkingson Casting Los Angeles: Stone Casting and Location Sweden: Röster (voices, places, faces)

Stills Photographer: Pelle Bergström / Skarp Agent Stylist: Lotta Agaton / Link Deco Retouch: Bildinstitutet

Radio Production Company and Casting: Flickorna Larsson

"Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser"

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