Jukin Media Launches Viral Video Resource And Licensing Center ‘The Wire’

Jukin Media Launches Viral Video Resource And Licensing Center ‘The Wire’

Jukin Media has a new online destination for all of its latest fails, wins, and other online video ephemera that’s just starting to gain traction with audiences online. The viral video licensing company and owner of the FailArmy YouTube channel has released The Wire, an online resource for the viewing and discovery of pre-viral, trending, and post-viral clips.

The Wire hosts all of Jukin’s most recent curated and approved user-generated video content (UGC) in one convenient location. New videos are added in real-time as YouTube embeds after they’ve been vetted for quality and given Jukin’s stamp of approval. Originally created as an internal tool for Jukin’s team to stay up-to-date on current clips, The Wire was relaunched as a public resource thanks to high demand from Jukin’s partners, clients, and online video viewers at large.

The Wire is well-suited to meet the UGC video content needs of various companies and communities. Bloggers, for example, now have a place to turn to when they need to find story ledes and viral videos to embed within those stories (the views of which help to add to Jukin’s more than one billion annual views on its owned content). Additionally, The Wire helps licensing partners immediately see what videos are available for legal use in the media and across digital and linear platforms (like local and nationally syndicated talk shows and newscasts).

The Wire is an incredibly powerful, convenient, and timesaving tool for anyone looking to utilize UGC videos,” said Jonathan Skogmo, Founder and CEO of Jukin Media, in a release (perhaps before or after he shouted a line like this from the hit HBO series that shares a name with his latest initiative).

In addition to launching The Wire, Jukin has been busy with a few other projects. In September 2015, the viral video company acquired the stunt-filled People Are Awesome YouTube channel. Jukin also released the weekly FailFive series (based on its popular FailArmy property) on Verizon’s go90 mobile video platform.

You can check out all of Jukin’s currently-approved UGC videos by visiting jukinmedia.com/thewire.


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