Just How Far Is Traditional TV Consumption Ahead of Digital Video?

Just How Far Is Traditional TV Consumption Ahead of Digital Video

Every few weeks there’s another report or study that outlines just how far ahead traditional TV still is when compared to digital video. Here’s the latest:

According to a new study from media measurement firm Nielsen, in the US, people watched an average of 155 hours of traditional TV per month during the fourth quarter of 2013. The next-closest activity in terms of device usage? Using any app or surfing the mobile web on a smartphone, which accounted for a little over 34 hours of time spent per month.

As you’ll see in the chart above, digital video still has some work to do. “Watching video on the internet” (which, by the way, includes television content published online) accounted for 7.5 hours of US users’ monthly time spent. Americans only spent an hour and 23 minutes per month watching video on their smartphones, and an hour and 12 minutes on multimedia devices like Apple TV and Roku.

That said, Nielsen does note that video consumption on said multimedia devices on the rise, and I’m willing to bet there’s a similar trajectory for computers and mobile devices. After all, that’s what all these studies also say.


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