Kids who watch Netflix don’t even know what commercials are

Kids who watch Netflix don’t even know what commercials are

A new poll suggests that a majority of kids growing up in houses that only use streaming services like Netflix or Hulu don’t know what commercials are. That’s per Exstreamist, which interviewed 100 families, split evenly between regular TV viewers and Netflix-only homes, about whether their kids were familiar with traditional TV advertising. According to the informal study, 82 percent of kids raised on streaming are unfamiliar with the idea of commercial breaks.

Given how many of these online-enabled kids are probably spending time on YouTube—where 30-second pre-video ad clips are common—that seems a little hard to believe. But it’s still probably enough to keep advertisers up late at night with anxiety, trying to come to terms with a youngest generation accustomed to an environment where media is offered up on-demand and interruption-free, instead of being programmed from an early age to view commercials as the inevitable cost of being entertained.

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