KIT Digital: Changing the Game for Second Screen Discovery


Did you attend Second Screen Sunday at NAB? Unfortunately, I was not able to attend, but I was impressed that such an event emerged around NAB. I heard that attendance was fantastic and that the topics were extremely relevant!

The impact of social media and the use of the second screen continues to drive new opportunities for content creators, broadcasters, networks and others. What’s now called the second screen, used to be the newspaper or a favorite book – or family. It’s any of those things that we do while we are watching TV. The difference now is that the “distraction” is digital. This allows all of those in the TV supply chain an opportunity to attract viewers to their program rather than allow them to be distracted by unrelated activities.

I was checking out some second screen options while at NAB. I was quite interested in KIT Digital’s2Si, the latest version of their social discovery platform. As discovery and engagement are the two key activities driving second screen activity, I was curious as to what KIT was doing that was so intriguing. I quickly found out that the program guide aspect was similar to other apps, meaning your smartphone or tablet, can be used to find appealing content based on your interests or those of your social network. However, what stood out was the ability for users to save ads. I found this oddly compelling. Imagine you are watching your favorite series and a ad pops up related to the destination, say Rome, but you don’t want to interrupt your viewing experience due to the plot line. 2Si allows you to save the ad for future review.

I think this is a game changer. Today we are bombarded with ads on TV, online and on our mobile devices. Honestly, most of us just tune them out unless we are watching the Super Bowl or there is something really amazing happening in the ad. However, how many times have you been in a conversation with a friend and tried to remember the ad you saw about a product, place or service? I know this is happened to me frequently over the years. 2Si would allow me to go back and view my saved ads.

Now take this one step further, you’re an advertiser (either agency or brand) and you want to segment your audience to understand their behavior. You now have access to critical data points – the user that cared enough to save the ad, that went back to view it and possibly took action. This is a smart evolution of the integration of advertising and the second screen. I’ll be eager to see how Kit Digital’s customer base deploys this solution.

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