Launching My YouTube Channel with the Help of bumGenius

Launching My YouTube Channel with the Help of bumGenius

Yesterday I unveiled the shiny new blog design, and now I show you what’s up my other sleeve.

A fancy new YouTube channel! You can check it out and subscribe here. The big dream is to upload new videos 1-2x a week, but it may take a while to settle into my groove, especially during the summer. I need to set up an appropriate studio-ish space still.

I’m so excited that this also coincides with the launch of a campaign with bumGenius, one of my very favorite cloth diaper brands and the very first brand I purchased when I began cloth diapering my oldest 6 years ago.

Yesterday, I helped bumGenius announce their brand new diaper print- The Chaplin- in this short video all about what I thought motherhood would be vs. what it’s really like. I hope it makes you smile!

For more on my cloth diapering journey, check out the whole category here.And I’d love to hear from you what you’d like to see videos about!

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