Learn From Home With These YouTube Channels

Learn From Home With These YouTube Channels


Here is a nice selection of YouTube videos that will help you learn from home. Most of them are set up so you do not need qualifications in order to enjoy or understand them, but some of them can get a little in-depth. They all have educational and entertainment value, and the fact they are free is just icing on the cake.

Veritasium Science Trailer

There are plenty of demonstrations and experiments on this channel to keep you interested. There are interviews with scientists and lots to learn. It is a video blog, which means the content themes are a little mixed, but it is all good information.


There is a fair amount of general content you can learn from, and there are educational videos that may be used by higher education students and by K12 students.

ASAP Science

The science used and shown within this channel is not higher level and not too complicated. It uses science to explain why things happen to us in our day-to-day lives, and it explains the processes we see in technology around the home and gives science lessons on thing that most people find interesting.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is a YouTube channel from MIT and it features technology and science videos and lessons. They are featured on YouTube so there is no restriction on who may watch them, and because they are on YouTube they are free. It is very good of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to publish their teaching material. They are adding to the collective knowledge of a nation and beyond and they do it at a sacrifice to themselves.


They work on experiments that have a very visual side to them, which makes for very good and entertaining science lessons. The videos are made for entertainment value with the science coming in, not so much as an afterthought, but simply as an explanation for the things you just saw.


You may not learn things that will help you with your academics, but you can keep up with new technological developments and find reviews of gadgets you may purchase.

Discovery Channel

Their YouTube channel is based on the episodes they show on their TV channel. It obviously doesn’t show all the episodes or people would tune into the YouTube channel over their TV channel, but they do have quite a few educational videos on there for you to enjoy.


You can watch the videos on this channel if you are simply interested in technology and gadgets. It is good entertainment, but also serves as inspiration and learning for people that are working with or studying technology and creative design. Finding out how things work may inspire ideas that some students may put into their dissertation or term papers to show their knowledge is up to date.

Minute Physics

This is a very fast paced video channel that offers videos on physics. They have tried to inject a little life into what many consider to be a dull and lifeless subject. They give explanations for the things you see based in physics with the hope you will become interested in physics as a result. Despite the name, the videos do run longer than just one minute.


Google have a lot going on and with their channel you may find out what that is. They have a lot they can teach you and they offer a lot you can learn from. They explain their latest inventions and they have a lot of educational programs you can follow and learn from. They are the owners of the most powerful research tool in the world, so it is plausible to assume they have a very lot they can teach people.


With this channel you can learn about the history of science, and you can learn about the newest developments when in science. It is framed for students but may be watched by all as entertainment.

Scientific American Space Lab

They have videos all about space and the lessons they give are not too advanced, so everyone is able to use them. They offer videos that are informative and about exploration and astrology.

Kipkay’s Hacks, Pranks, and How to Videos

With this YouTube channel you can learn how to make fun objects and devices from the things you have in your home. It is not structured in any form of academic way, but a lot of the principles are based on things you may learn in college or school.

Sick Science

They show videos about science that people can see and touch every day. They have videos about scientific concepts that people see around them. It is about bringing science down to a level where people may see the amazing side of it without needing an education in science before being able to understand the content of the videos.


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