Let’s Not Forget About Mobile Video

Let’s Not Forget About Mobile Video

Tablets popular for longer video, smartphones for short content

December 24, 2014 | Advertising & Marketing | Video

The PC is still the most popular device among digital video viewers, but mobile’s nothing to brush off. According to data from Ooyala, mobile phones and tablets accounted for a combined 30% share of digital video views worldwide in Q3 2014, a quarter-over-quarter increase of 20%.



Research by GlobalWebIndex also highlights mobile’s rise in popularity in the digital video world, albeit a slow one. In Q3 2014, 39% of internet users worldwide said they had visited YouTube via a mobile device, up from 33% in Q3 2013 and 36% in Q2 2014.

There was a stark difference, though, in time spent with video on each mobile device, according to Ooyala. Mobile phones were used more for short-form video than tablets. In all, 52% of time spent watching digital video via mobile phones involved content 10 minutes or shorter, making the smaller-screen devices the only ones where this range took the majority.

With their lean-back vibe, tablets were more popular for long-form video. Content longer than 10 minutes accounted for nearly 70% of time spent watching tablet video—more than the 63.0% share for desktop. And tablets beat out their larger-screen rival for 30-minute-plus content as well, which accounted for 38.4% of time spent with tablet video, compared with 30.4% for desktops.

These results are relatively in line with Q3 2014 data from FreeWheel, though here, smartphones and PCs showed more similar results. Fully 71% of video ad views on smartphones in the US were from content that was shorter than 20 minutes in length, and this portion came in at 70% for desktops and laptops. Ads viewed on tablets were more common during content longer than 20 minutes, accounting for 57%, compared with 43% for under-20-minute videos.

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