Like It Or Not, Instagram Video Ads Are Here

Like It Or Not, Instagram Video Ads Are Here

If you haven’t already, you can expect to start seeing video ads in your Instagram feed.

Starting this week, Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing social platform, has expanded its sponsored content posts. Instagram launched static image ads last year and now offers 15-second video autoplay spots.

According to AdWeek, Instagram struck deals with Disney, Activision, Lancome, Banana Republic, and the CW television network and started rolling out ads Wednesday after six months of testing.

Instagram will make sure the ads fit the platform’s “vibe” to avoid turning off users who enjoyed a commercial-free platform only a year ago. Instagram may want to heed the advice of its former director of business operations and current COO of Snapchat, Emily White. “If people see super spammy ads in their feeds, it’s going to be destructive to the experience,” White told Fast Company last year, when Instagram was first dipping its toes into the advertising pool.

AdWeek also points out that Instagram’s advertising tools are rudimentary, especially compared to those of its parent company, Facebook; marketers can only target users by age, gender, and country. But, with recent news about Snapchat and Tumblr also attempting to secure more revenue using similar methods, it is no surprise that Instagram is making this move.

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