LittleCast Announces Direct-To-Fan Video Marketing Solutions For Facebook Pages

LittleCast Announces Direct-To-Fan Video Marketing Solutions For Facebook Pages

Video has been proclaimed as the next big thing in Facebook marketing. LittleCast, a direct-to-fan video marketing and ecommerce platform, announced two new video players Tuesday to help Facebook brands create a more meaningful connection with their fans. When utilized on Facebook pages, LittleCast videos received 10 times the number of likes, 11 times the shares, five times the comments, and 30 times the impressions than videos linked from YouTube.


LittleCast’s new Fan Connect and Shop Connect platforms publish videos to Facebook pages or embed them within websites. They include calls to action for fans, and generate actionable data about usage and revenue for social platforms. Analytics tell admins who watched videos and full videos, as well as providing them with data around conversion rates and consumer data by platform.

Here are the details about the new players, according to LittleCast:

  • Fan Connect: Generates shares and leads on social sites, mobile, and the Web. Fan Connect publishes directly to Facebook profiles or pages, or videos can be embedded on websites or blogs. Fan Connect is a value-exchange platform that trades full videos in return for user emails or shares on Facebook. This opt-in user contact and profile data is used by brands or artists to build a regular, engaging dialogue with fans.
  • Shop Connect: A viral social ecommerce solution that enables up to three products to be sold directly from the video player. Fans simply watch videos, select products, and click to purchase them from websites. Shop Connect publishes directly to Facebook profiles and pages or can be embedded on a websites or blog. Videos can be of any length and accessible to anyone.

Amra Tareen, co-founder and CEO of LittleCast, described the new features:

Brands and artists are using video to entertain and communicate with their audiences everywhere, but they’re not realizing video’s full potential. Direct-to-fan eliminates the pitfalls of platforms like YouTube, which limits access to audience data and the ability to communicate directly with fans, so brands forfeit big opportunities for monetization.

Readers: Have videos on Facebook or other social platform ever led to you making purchases?

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