Live-Stream Videos To Facebook Via LiveLens

Another live-video-streaming application has joined the Facebook fray, as LiveLens announced that its app is now available free of charge for iOS and Android devices.

LiveLens offers users the following features:

  • One-click, live video streaming directly to Facebook.
  • The ability to invite friends to watch videos being live-streamed.
  • The option to select which specific friends will be allowed to watch videos.
  • The ability to receive likes and comments, respond in real-time, and see who is watching videos.
  • No video length limit.
  • Automatic upload once network connectivity is back from offline mode.
  • Videos and friends’ videos displayed in the application gallery.

LiveLens CEO Max Bluvband said:

Many people are taking videos on their mobile phones, but very few are actually sharing them. We created LiveLens so users can easily share their special moments from their mobile phones, in Facebook, as they’re happening — from a baby’s first steps or a soldier coming home to a beautiful vacation spot or a crazy moment with your friends. This can only be done with our mobile-centric app that includes capabilities to live stream videos to Facebook and deliver notifications to your friends so they can watch and interact with your videos in real time.

Readers: Have you ever live-streamed videos via Facebook or watched such videos?

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