Long-Form Digital Video Grows — On Laptops, Connected TV, Mobile

Long-Form Digital Video Grows — On Laptops, Connected TV, Mobile

Traditional TV networks/producers are seeing continued growth in long-form content for digital media — on laptops/computers, connected TV and even smartphones.

Time spent watching mid-form and long-form content now comprises 57% of all video watched on laptops/computers in the third quarter, according to a Q3 Ooyala video report — a 43% increase year-over-year.

Ooyala defines long-form video as content that is 20 minutes or longer; mid-form video, 5 to 20 minutes; and short-form video, 0 to five minutes in length.

Bigger screens on connected TVs also continues to sharply increase, and now represents 93% of content viewed is medium or long-form — up 73% from a year ago.

Even small-screen smartphones are seeing higher results — with nearly half of all video viewing time spent with mid-form or long-form video — that is up from 23% a year ago.

Overall, the report suggests that “screen size matters less and less.” Long-form video comprises 90% of all video time on connected TV; tablets, 43%; desktops, 42%; and smartphones, 30%.

Short-form content is still comprising the majority of video viewing on mobile — 52%. That content, on desktops comes to 43%; tablets, 40%; and connected TVs, 7%.

At a media conference on Monday, David Poltrack, chief research officer for CBS, said, “long-form video” on digital media — which largely consists of major TV shows from the big networks — has seen a sharp 54% rise in advertising revenues this year, and is projected to gain another 40% in 2017.


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