How to make money on Youtube

How to make money on Youtube


We are running a business. All efforts are made towards solving a problem where we can get a share of a sale.

Affiliate Products

To make money with your videos it`s important that you got an offer which is laser focused on your video’s topic. It is THE solution for exactly the problem you`re helping with in your video.

Here is a quick “dog training” example:

Pick a subniche: Puppy socialization. Your video gives a few tips how to do it. Quick research on google returns good tips.

Look through amazon. I`m sure there are bestsellers about “Puppy socialization” – get your affiliate link (amazon associates program) and put that link in your video description. Mention the book and your link in your video and chances are high you got a new sale.

Amazon pays only a few % so you should also look at clickbank for according products or guides. Payout is 50% and more.

Adsense Monetization

This means you are allowing YouTube to place ads on your video pages. Register for a youtube/google account and also register at adsense.

The key is to target high paying niches, create optimized videos and let youtube place ads in your video.

Most of youtube creators already fail as this step. Either they do not enable ads for their videos or picked a niche where advertisment rates are very low.

Youtube splits the advertisment revenue with you. More video views = more money. Easy as that. Enable it here

Youtube selects the advertisments for your videos. They are related to your video title and metadata. Most youtube creators do not care/know about it and are wondering why they only earn $0.50 per 1000 views.

Quick background info why prices are varying:

An app developer won’t bid $10 to get a visitor to his site where he is selling an app for $1

A hosting company would pay $10 to get a customer who buys a $200 yearly hosting package.

If I’m selling a $1 app I’m not going to pay $3.20 for every person that clicks on my ad.  But if I make $500 per sale I may be willing to pay $10 for a potential customer. If my offer has a sale ratio of 1 in 10 I still make profit ( adcosts: $100 for 1 sale = $500 = $400 profit) So bids depend on the marketers conversion rate, revenue and product price.

Knowing about this helps you to find and understand why we target high paying niches.

Make sure you own all copyrights to your video content. You need to be able to show written permission for the following video elements in order to use ads on your videos:

Otherwise your video may get suspended. Note: If your video contains copyrighted music you can replace the audio with music youtube offers via the AudioLibrary. Listed as “ad-free and eligible for monetization”

YouTube videos that have ads already built into them do not qualify for the monetization program. You need to check the box “Video contains a product placement”.

Offline Marketing

Ninja Trick for huge profits – We are marketers – let’s do it! 

Think about offline sponsorship of a local attorney for example – Adwords cost per click for the searchterm “los angeles dui attorney” is $190! 3600 people are searching for this term every month. Everytime somebody clicks on an ad the campaign owner pays $190 to google. For every click!

If you can recommend your partner’s service through your videos and bring him only 5 new customers per month – what would this traffic be worth? $500? easily. Make custom deals. Be creative. Merge offline and online marketing. Create a PDF with your video facts and demographics (Analytics). Send it to an attorney by mail. Call them a few days later. Ask for a meeting to discuss the details.  This is no perfect keyword example for video content but you get the idea and it shows you the revenue potential.

Contact hosting companies – do a video review of their service. Show your video stats and discuss an affiliate partnership.

You can also build a small landing page with WordPress. Buy a domain for $10 i.e. – mention the url in your videos or watermark your videos with it. Use affiliate link on your websites. Hosting companies are paying something between $20 and $100 for every new customer which signups under your link.

These are just quick examples to think outside the box. Check the high paying keyword list (attached to this post)  and think about strategies how you can generate customers. If there is no affiliate program available  contact them directly.

I also did the work for you to get started – adjust it to your niche and you are ready to go:


my name is ____ and I am the owner of *your brand*.

Many companies  advertise their business via google adwords campaign paying up to $200 per click. 
I introduce your brand to a huge audience. Youtube gets 1 billion visitors per months. Take advantage of my video marketing experience and be ahead of your competitor.
By sponsoring my videos you get a great channel to find new customers who never heard of your product. 

My youtube channel generates xxx,xxx video views every months. My audience is highly interested in [*YOUR NICHE*]. xx,xxx people subscribed to my channel to get my latest videos.

A new partnership spot has been opened up recently. 
I only work with high quality companies to offer the best value for my audience. I believe your product would work well with my subscribers.
Your company will be mentioned in my videos and you also get a link to your homepage below my videos.

xxx,xxx monthly visitors have no idea about your product so far. Let's change that.

My partner spots are limited to 3 and are taken within a few days normally. 
If you are interested to grow your market share please reply to this email.

Thank you for your time.
Kind Regards,


You should built up your channel and already have good stats when sending a mail. Nobody wants to sponsor someone with no traffic. Think about a pricing model –  i.e. get your link on all videos for 30 days (xxx,xxx views) for $300.

Use a tracking tool and test how much clicks you can send over 30 days. I am using a WordPress plugin called “Redirection” – it cloaks your partner links and counts every click.

Monetization Tips:

Use all possible marketing strategies for maxium revenue:

  • Sign up your own sponsors. Contact a product owner directly who is a leading brand in your niche.  Tell them what you have to offer. (i.e. 100.000 monthly youtube views in his niche) Share your demographic statistics. You can put his homepage in your video description. Mention his brand and suggest his products in your videos. Review his products. It`s up to you how you work out the deal. You can easily make an extra $100-$1000 per month with an exclusive sponsor.
  • Promote affiliate products. Similar to sponsoring but you can promote all kind of products. Signup to affiliate plattforms and get your link for products in your niche.
  • Adsense for youtube – enable monetization for your account. Ads are now displayed on your video page. Connect your youtube account to your adsense account. There are two factors that impact earnings from YouTube monetization program: the number of views your videos get and the cost per click associated with the ads shown. (remember we are targeting high paying niches)
  • Promote your own merchandise – If you built a brand, go to, create an account, make your own tshirts and promote them in your videos. Wear them yourself. Mention that you can order the shirt through the video description link below. Who wouldn’t enjoy a tshirt? If your brand is strong, positioned in an entertaining/nerdy niche you`ll make sales here. A lot of grumpy cat t-shirts have been sold…

Target the right niche to maximise your profits

We need to pick a niche which is in demand and highly profitable. Picking the right niche is the difference between $0.30 / 1000 and $5 / 1000 views. It’s also important to use a market where a lot of products are available. We will integrate affiliate offers to make more money from our traffic.

Here are the most active and profitable niches online:

  1. Health: Weigh Loss & Fitness, Anti-aging, Cancer, Dentistry and Orthodontics
  2. Insurance: Car and auto insurance, Health and Medical Insurance
  3. Computers & Internet: Computer Hardware, Computer Repairs, PC and Internet Security, Dedicated Hosting, ISP and Networking, blogging, Online Degree, SEO software and tools, Web Development, Stock Broking
  4. Banking and Finance: Loans and mortgage, credit and finance, debt consolidation
  5. Digital Photography: digital photography schools, certificate, digital photography education, careers in photography
  6. Psychotherapy: depression symptoms, anger management, mental health, counseling psychology
  7. Real Estate: Google pays nice price for clicks on these real estate related ads.
  8. Consumer Electronics: gadgets, mobiles, electronic devices
  9. Antiques and Collectibles: Another good niche to choose for getting high adsense income.
  10. Dating: There are Lots of lonely hearts out there and the online dating sites are willing to pay more money to find them.

I also did a massive research on popluar search terms and their adwords costs (up to $200 per click). Share this guide and download the XLS list instantly.

Pick a niche you are interested in and know a few things about. Enter the keywords at buzzsumo to target your audience interests.

Research your selected niche and make a list of common problems the audience has. Open an excel spreadsheet and put each problem into one column.Think about solutions and how you can put them into a video. Write it down in the next column. Guides, Reviews, How-to work very well. Each row can then be a topic for your next video.

Don`t be too broad – don’t be too specific. My guide “how to find profitable niches” goes into further detail about niche research.

It’s important to target keyword terms which have low video competition. So far I have found only one tool which can show a competition factor for youtube videos: Here is my review of Magic Youtube Xtractor

Target the right keywords:

weight loss” is too general. With 200.000 searches a month and a lot of competition you won`t be able to rank for that keyword without a massive marketing strategy.

weight loss tips for teens” would be a good topic. 1,600 searches per months, adwords is ~$1 per click.

weight loss tips for women in their 20s” would be too specific. 50 searches a months. no adwords stats (nobody is bidding on it)

Log in at Google’s keyword planer and enter keywords from your selected niche. Get a feeling for search volume, suggested bids and the related keywords.

I use MicroNicheFinder to research keywords – You can also join my free Niche Business Finder to get profitable niche keywords sent regularly to your email. They are not shared anywhere else and you get exclusive access to it.

Entertaining Niches

You can skip the keyword research part if you are into the WTF?! Icanhazcheezburger, pranks, Memes stuff. Youtube is a great plattform for lolcats and funny clips which go viral quickly if you got a good one.

Though this is a lot of fun to work with I cannot say much about the revenue potential. There`s no serious business around lolcats as far as I know.  I`d say it`s more a fun hobby – if you can generate massive traffic to your homepage we got more ways to monetize your traffic by selling adspots.

Create a seperate channel and play around with this kind of content. See how the traffic works, what affects your rankings. Try different thumbnails, use it as your playground and learning channel. Fun videos work great on youtube, get thousands of views easily and may even go viral.

If you make a good living with a fun channel please drop your comment. I`d be interested to hear your opinion how you monetize that traffic.

Other example niches

  • If you are an expert with let’s say photoshop you can make hundreds of how-to videos. “How to use smartobjects in Photoshop CC” Use camstudio to capture your screen and demonstrate the new smartobject features of Photoshop CC. Record your voice and describe the advantages. Promote premium plugins, digital retouching programs like fluid mask.
  • You`re a pro gamer in Call of Duty or Starcraft 2 or any other popular game. Record your games and comment it.  You may know “
  • Product unwrapping – Go to your local hardware computer store, buy the latest tablet and do a review video of your first impression. A+ Example – if the review is done use your right of return.
  • Research youtube niches and see what the biggest players do in that niche. Spend some time and get comfortable with the crowd. Socialblade is a great plattform to get some numbers – also estimated revenue is shown. Check out the categories menu on the left.

 Niche Checklist

  1. Choose a niche that you are passionate about
  2. Popular videos should have at least 50,000 or more views. The more the better.
  3. How easily can you make similar videos?
  4. Can you make similar videos for free or cheaply?
  5. How do you monetize the video? Affiliate products, Offline promotion, High paying adwords.

Video Equipment and Tools – How to make a youtube video

To record your own videos you should invest a rough $100 into a 1080p HD camera / webcam. The video quality will be better than most youtube videos. You will also need a video editing software. Here are a few links to get you started:

Music resources:

Every upload is analyzed and if youtube finds a claimed contentID your video’s monetization and revenue will go to the audio owner. Thus you need music which is available for commercial use.

You can use all sounds from the youtube audiolibrary or visit those resources:

Article Video Marketing / Slideshows

Another option to create content is reformating articles into slideshows. Use powerpoint or similar tools to create a compelling presentation – I personally prefer PREZI. Make a summary of your article. Focus on the most important parts of your text. Add pictures and screenshots. Think of a presentation you prepare for the monday morning meeting in your office showing the latest stats or marketing strategies.

Start your powerpoint presentation (export your PREZI to present offline and play) while recording your screen and optionally your voice with camstudio(free) or camtasia (30 day free trial)

Since you created good content also upload a PDF. With 60 million visitors and over 130 million pageviews per month, SlideShare is one of the world’s most powerful PDF B2B sites. Create an account and add links to your website\affiliate offer\ youtube channel to your pdf’s footer.

Article Video Marketing is perfect if you don’t want to hire a video spokesman or show your own face\voice. Though your slideshow-videos won’t be as attractive as real videos, getting lower engagement and less views it’s still an option which may work well in your niche.

Make sure you check out ArticleVideoRobot – this site will help you to create slideshares, upload it and also publish the PDF transcripts.

Online Tools to create presentations:

How to make great youtube videos

Provide value and communicate a clear call to action that inspires your viewer to subscribe to your channel, purchase, visit your website or share the video they just watched and you’ll see results in no time.

  • Know your audience and what they want.
  • Use popular formats of video content: Entertaining, Informational, Educational
  • Be personal – build connection and trust.
  • Make the start as compelling as possible – The first 15 seconds of your video are key.
  • Create an intro video with fancy effects showing your brand’s name. You can outsource that to fiverr and get something cool for $5 – make the intro 3-8 seconds – upload it and let youtube automatically put it in front of your videos
  • Watermark your videos – use a transparent png of your website URL or logo. You can also outsource that to fiverr and get a cool logo for $5.
  • Put your latest videos as “featured video”
  • Combine videos with the video editor
  • Get used to the creators dashboard and explore every option.
  • Use annotations – Add a call to action annotation to the end of all videos “Subscribe today to see more great videos like this”
  • Join the official creator channel – those videos are full of great informations.

You can outsource a lot for a few dollars, Hire a video guy at elance or maby your neighbor is a hobby filmmaker and can help you. If you want to create a professional 5-10 minutes you can get something below $100.

Go for quality instead of quantity. Make it straight to the point. If people get bored after 20 seconds and skip to the next video your rankings will drop. Research your competitors and make a better video.

Technical Recommendations:

  • H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 format
  • 1080p: 1920×1080 for full HD streaming
  • Frame rate should be the same as original video
  • Sampling rate: 44.1KHz for MP3/AAC audio
  • Length: keep it under 5 minutes. Segmenting longer videos into shorter length clips. These individual clips will load quickly and are easy to watch from start to finish. And by having many short videos instead of one long video you can take advantage of playlists and use more keywords to attract more visitors. Though there is nothing wrong with a 30 minutes video – if your topic requires the length – do it. If you can split it, split it and make a playlist.
  • Use a content ID to protect your own videos. Youtube scans new uploads and compares it with your claimed content. Read more – how content IDs work

Spy on the big channels. Check out the fitness and workout niche. There is a HUGE market on youtube where many professional trainers do their business. They know how to use youtube to their advantage. You will learn a lot about proper video marketing and how it should look like. This is a very professional example – Get inspired by the style how the video is done. A LOT of work went into this video. As a one-man show you won’t be able to do something similar but you get an idea what builds a brand and makes a video stand out from the crowd.

increase viewer actions

  • Ask people to subscribe
  • Add watermarks of your brand to your videos
  • Ask for comments and interact with your fans
  • Link your channel from your homepage
  • Use playlists to categorize your videos.
  • Add your social profiles: facebook, twitter, google+

How to improve your video rankings – SEO

Do not make a video without researching your target keyword. Is it a high paying keyword? how many people are searching for it per month?  Find keyword groups which rank on first page on google. It`s not mandatory but will send more traffic. Normally youtube videos rank for these search queries on google:

  • how-to’s, tutorials, reviews
  • funny and entertaining videos
  • fitness and sport, workouts
  • Anything else where a video makes more sense than text.

Youtube videos rank by user experience.

Google has full control of youtube so they use EVERYTHING people do with your videos. Here is the list of engagement ranking factors:

  • Comments
  • Subscribed after watching a video
  • Favorited / Watch later
  • Social shares
  • Thumbs up
  • Total views

Do people stop watching your video after a few seconds and skip to the next one? It might not be that good >> lower ranking

Keep adding videos regularly. Build an archive

The algorithm loves regular uploads. Consistent audience is built by publishing content consistently.

High quality videos rank better than low-resolution videos.

Encourage people to subscribe, like, favorite, comment and share in social media

Get channel subscribers – more subscribers means more trust so google knows that you publish great content.

Improve Video Metadata:

  • Video File Name – getting back to the weight loss example we use “weight-loss-for-women.mp4″
  • Video Title – the most important factor. Make it compelling (how to write killer headlines) – also use your main keywords  at the beginning. Don`t make it too long (65 characters max.). It may be difficult to use keywords and call-to-action words. Spend some time on this to work out the best possible title which is highly relevant to your video.
  • Video Description – Describe as much of the video as possible in the first paragraph. Use your keywords but don`t abuse it. Use links in your description (affiliate offer, your homepage, etc.) Write at least 200 words and use your keyword 3-4 times.
  • Tags – Use a mix of your main niche keywords and specific keywords. Rank them in order of relevance. put keywords in quotation marks “weight loss for women”. Use 5-15 tagsA nifty trick is to use your competitors name as a tag for your videos. This increases the chances that your video shows up as a related video on his video pages.


The thumbnail is very important. Many creators use the capture screenshot youtube offers from your video. Do not use it! Upload your own image. Optimal size is 1280×720px. Make it clear, focused. Capture the attention of your viewer. Close-ups of faces tend to work well. use a 16:9 aspect ratio. The subject fills the frame – Use big letters which are easy to read. Keep it bright. Make it stand out and give it a WOW factor. You sell the video with your thumbnail so make sure you would click it yourself. Videos with a higher click-through-rate rank better and you get more traffic.

You can create youtube thumbnails for free with this tool: Backgrounder 3 – choose “youtube thumbnail” in the “Basics” tab. Feel free to play around with your favorite image software but please – do custom thumbnails! They will help to build your brand (be consistent with your thumbnail style), increase clicks and make your video stand out from the crowd.

Ninja Trick nobody takes advantage of:

Use a transcript of your video. It`s more work for you (or outsource it) but the google spider has a lot more content to analyse – it’s like extra metadata content. See it as another option to create content just in another format. The main work is done (creating the video) so why not re-use the content and write it down? There are also millions of hearing impaired people. Make your content barrier-free. Google will thank you with a better ranking. Here is the how-to for transcripts

Outsource transcript writing for $1 per minute

Follow up articles:

How to get more views on youtube

Every online business is aiming for targeted traffic. Your regular tasks are 1. create great videos and 2. promote your videos

Build your business around your niche. Become an expert. Join boards, social communities, facebook groups. Participate in your niche and help where possible.

  • Use current and trending topics in your niche to attract more visitors while the keyword is hot and easy to rank for. This technique can drive massive traffic to your video if you hit a winner – There are a thousand copies of “gangnam style” online – they all jumped on the hype to get traffic while it’s hot. And it worked.
  • Build your authority on social networks and link to your profiles from your channel.
  • Use Buzzbundle to find recent posts where your keywords appear and interact with your target audience. Read my buzzbundle review.  it can drive massive targeted traffic to your videos if done right.
  • Signup at Quora and other question and answer sites – embed your video into your answer.
  • Make video comments and reply to popular videos in your niche.
  • Embed your video on your website – your own blog or link to it from your published articles
  • Organize your channel videos into keyword-rich playlists  – use them like categories on your website.
  • Use youtube’s FanFinder
  • Write a guest post on a leading blog in your niche and embed your video in your guest post.

The real magic behind growing your YouTube audience is being consistent. All of the superstar YouTubers share this in common: they’ve committed to a schedule and publish great quality, authentic videos according to that schedule.

Build your brand – Create an authority channel

Most important to avoid your channel to be banned: Never use any copyrighted materials like pictures, videos, sounds or music, that belongs to someone else.

Login with your google account and Create a Channel – A channel is your central video homepage on youtube similar to a facebook profile.

Pick a good name for your channel: JohnDoeReviews, HappyPlayersTV, WeLoveGadgets. Avoid using registered trademarks (i.e. iPhoneGuide)

YouTube Trailer Video lets you feature a video at the top of your channel when nonsubscribers visit. Create a 40-60 seconds video and welcome new viewers to your channel by introducing yourself. Share what you do and why you are doing it. End the intro video with a call-to-action: Tell them how to subscribe to your channel.

Search at for “logo creation” – we want to build a brand. Think of a name under which you are working. It should be brandable, easy to remember and has a personal touch.

Be active on twitter and connect to your audience. Mention your social profiles in your videos.

Use youtube’s free fan finder program to advertise your channel. Create a channel ad video and submit it for review. Introduce yourself and grab their attention in the first 5 seconds, make it short and engaging.

It takes time to get subscribers but the growth is exponential. 2000 to 4000 takes as long as 20.000 to 40.000. Patience, consistency and high quality content is the key.

Upload regularly, keep video quality consistent, interact with your audience. There’s no magic technique to getting subscribers, just continue doing what you do and always trying to better yourself and people will catch on.

Try to do some collaboration videos with other channels that have more views. It’s a good way to get yourself introduced to a wider audience. Connect with other channel owners. Think about guest posting on a blog  – maby you can do something similar in your niche and create a guest video for a befriended channel.

Associated Website Annotations – connect your website.

You can put a clickable link to your website within the video player itself:

  1. Verify your youtube account
  2. Add your website into google webmaster tools and authorize your ownership
  3. Enter your website in your channels advanced settings


Add this to your channel url to have a small subscribe popup when linking from an external site to your channel.

?sub_confirmation=1 so you get this link:

Channel setup checklist:

  • Connect your social profile urls
  • Add Channel Art background images
  • Create a channel intro video
  • Create a channel ad video and submit it to the fan finder program

Youtube Analytics – track video engagement

Connect your google analytics account with your youtube account to get massive statistics (video manager -> advanced settings)

This enables the Analytics tab in your creator studio

You can figure out which videos are the most popular, see demographics, devices, engagement reports, find out at what point they stopped watching. Why are most viewers stopping at this point? Improve with your next video. It’s a learning process what works for your niche.

The real meat of your analytics involves the social side of your videos. How many people subscribe to your videos, likes and dislikes, favourites, comments and sharing. Keep an close eye on this and improve those factors as much as possible.  Experiement with different ideas. Test and compare viewers response and interaction with analytics. Remember: more interactions -> better ranking.

Marketing Tools, Software and Coachings – TubeMogul is the video advertising platform that puts brands and agencies in control. – if you’re serious about your video business I recommend you to check out this online coaching. They cover all aspects of video marketing.

$1 Trial for Youtube Video Marketing Training

Buzzbundle can drive thousands of visitors to your videos – target your keyword and jump in on the latest posts leaving your link

Final Notes

Congratulations if you got this far and thank you for reading this 5000 words monster ‘how to make money on youtube‘ guide.

You got all informations now to build your brand, create high quality videos which rank well, get traffic and are monetized properly.

Become a video marketing expert, outsource work, use and understand analytics, know your audience, optimize your content and most important – make sales. This is a business which requires consistent work. 1 hour a week won`t make you good money neither does any other business.

To stabilize your income your main goal should be driving your youtube traffic to your own homepage. You don’t want to be dependent on a third-party service. If google decides to delete your account for whatever reason your business is gone.

Do not put all eggs in one basket.

How to make money on youtube checklist:

  • Pick a profitable niche and research problems and solutions
  • Create your brand with a consistent layout, logo and video style, watermark your content, protect it with contentIDs
  • Connect your website and social profiles with your channel
  • Create high quality videos and improve consistently
  • Monetize your content
  • Become an authority and grow your subscribers list
  • Longterm goal: get traffic to your website

I could sell this guide at warriorforum – a lot of work has been put into this guide. You get it for free. If you learned something I would appreciate if you please share it on twitter, facebook or google+  through the buttons on the left.

Start taking advantage of YouTube to drive traffic, build your brand, generate leads & boost your revenue!

Further reading – great post from Stuart about niche researching. Adapt his tips to your niche research. – mega coaching for video marketing (paid course) – #1 community forum for youtuber – official resource: important tips, best practices, and strategies to help you build your audience on YouTube. – create better content, build fan bases, and turn your creativity into your career 35 Mind Numbing YouTube Facts, Figures and Statistics – Infographic

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